Kansas is experiencing a boon in tourism. But sadly it’s for all the wrong reasons 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Nearly half the country has passed life-saving legislation since Roe was repealed.

Meanwhile other states are becoming kill zones.

These days, Kansas is experiencing a boon in tourism. But sadly it’s for all the wrong reasons.

The number of abortions in Texas dropped by an estimated 99.5% since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in last year’s Dobbs decision.

Don’t celebrate too soon

While those are amazing and very welcome numbers, they don’t tell the whole story.

Because at the same time the number of abortions performed in Texas almost ground to a complete halt, almost 3,000 Texas women traveled to Kansas to receive an abortion last year, new data shows. 

The drastic decrease in abortions performed in Texas came after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade in a 6-3 decision on June 24, 2022, eliminating the nearly 50-year-old ability to murder children. 

But despite what the media and the abortion mill profiteers would have you believe, the high court’s ruling didn’t end abortion in the nation.

The ruling simply gave states the authority to limit or ban the deadly procedure.

And while 24 states have taken such actions to limit abortion, other states have not only kept it legal, but have increased availability to the life-ending procedure.

Some major victories though

A trigger law in Texas went into effect in August 2022, banning most abortions across the Lonestar State. 

Abortion is also nearly banned in neighboring Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

But in other states, abortion was kept legal and has been promoted to Texas women.

Now, a woman who wishes to kill her child must travel to states like Colorado, New Mexico, and Kansas.

And according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, 2,978 abortions were performed on Texas residents last year, including 50 on girls under the age of 18.

To put this into perspective, that is a whopping 1,178% increase from 2021, when just 233 abortions were performed on Texas residents.

Kansas also saw big increases in abortions performed for residents of other states, including Oklahoma (1,379% increase) and Arkansas (1,206% increase). 

In total, almost 8,500 abortions were performed on out-of-state residents in 2022 in Kansas, a 117% increase from the previous year.

This makes Kansas an abortion tourism state and the abortion mills are raking in the cash for their killing.

The power of big money in promoting murder

In Kansas, abortion is still legal up to 22 weeks, but there are waiting periods and limits on insurance coverage. 

In August of last year 2022, voters in the state rejected a ballot measure that would have removed protections for abortion rights from the Kansas Constitution and given state lawmakers the right to further restrict or ban abortion-on-demand. 

The measure failed 59%-41% after Planned Parenthood, George Soros and other dark money groups and individuals outspent the Pro-Life forces by at least 10-1.

That’s because, unfortunately, abortion mills are big money and that blood money is used to force states to accept mass murder as a way of life.

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