Late-term abortionist appallingly defends the brutal reasons why women kill their babies 

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

This cold-blooded killer is determined to help women kill their babies at all stages of their pregnancy. 

His dark personality and disdain for human life make him one of the worst abortionists of all time.

And once you hear the brutal reasons why he slaughters unborn babies you’re bound to be outraged.

Meet the cold-blooded killer who slays babies without remorse

84-year-old Warren Hern is an abortionist who loves what he does.

Hern is willing to kill babies at any age – for any reason.

And in a dark interview with a reporter for The Atlantic, he revealed the chilling details of what goes on behind closed doors in his facility.

Abortions at Hern’s slaughterhouse are around $6,000 a piece – and he offers women multiple options to pay including cash and credit.

And if women can’t afford to pay for transportation or hotel expenses or even a portion of the abortion themselves . . .

. . . Hern often foots the bill himself, reported The Atlantic.

Let that sink in.

Hern is so obsessed with killing babies he views it as more than a job – but a calling – and is even willing to use his own blood money to do it.

Hern won’t even perform first trimester abortions – he wants to specialize in late-term only

Hern claims his clinic “can’t do it all,” so he’s decided to have his practice specialize in late-term abortions only.

Women fly in from all around the country to Hern’s Colorado practice knowing they can kill their baby without reprisal.

In fact, some of his patients admitted Hern convinced them to kill their baby – even encouraged it.

Amber Jones was 24 weeks pregnant and had received a challenging medical diagnosis. 

She claimed Hern told her she “shouldn’t be made to carry the pregnancy. That it’s bulls***, and we have the right to access health care,” reported The Atlantic.

As if killing an innocent baby is “health care.”

But this cold-blooded abortionist really doesn’t care why women kill their babies . . .

. . . and he’ll happily rip their baby to shreds if they want him to. 

Killing babies for having the “wrong gender”

Hern admitted he’s performed abortions for two women based on the fact one woman “desperately wanted a girl”.

He shrugged it off and claimed it was “their choice to make.” 

A reporter from The Atlantic asked Hern, “So if a pregnant woman with no health issues comes to the clinic, say, at 30 weeks, what would you do?”

Hern didn’t miss a beat and snakingly replied, “Every pregnancy is a health issue!” he said. “There’s a certifiable risk of death from being pregnant, period.”

It’s people like Hern who reveal the true heart behind the abortion industry.

The pro-abortion crowd may attempt to market abortion as “healthcare” or a “woman’s choice.”

But Pro-Lifers know no matter which way you spin it, abortion stops a beating heart.

All abortion is evil, but ruthless killers like Hern highlight the spirit of abortion Pro-Lifers are working around the clock to stop.

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