Law enforcement couldn’t believe their eyes as radical pro-abortion protestors lash out at innocent bystanders

It’s no secret that the anti-life movement is more radical than ever before.

Their vicious and often physical attacks against pro-lifers are sadly becoming the norm.

But recently, it got so bad that even law enforcement couldn’t believe their eyes as radical pro-abortion protestors lashed out at innocent bystanders.

Brave pro-life students faced a harrowing ordeal at the University of Manchester, battling against a ferocious pro-abortion mob hell-bent on silencing their voices! 

In a shocking turn of events, peaceful discussions on the sanctity of life turned into a battleground. 

In the end, students needed police protection just to express their beliefs.

Madeline Page, Director of Great Britain’s Alliance of Pro-Life Students, found herself in the eye of the storm as she faced a torrent of abuse from radical abortion activists. 

Desperate to share her pro-life stance, she had to navigate through a screaming crowd just to enter the venue where she was speaking. 

But even after the event, the danger didn’t subside, as she required a police escort to ensure her safety.

The Manchester Pro-Life Society faced a barrage of intimidation tactics, being forced to relocate their event three times due to relentless protests. 

Chants of “stay in there and die” and “you should be aborted” echoed through the campus, drowning out any attempt at reasoned discourse.

Madeline Page lamented the hostile atmosphere to The Christian Institute, stating, “This was an opportunity for any student, whatever they think about abortion, to ask questions and for me to explain why I am pro-life.”

“I gave 15 minutes of input followed by an hour of discussion. Before the event even started though, I knew there were going to be problems.”

Inge, a member of the Manchester Pro-Life Society, expressed her dismay at the escalating violence, highlighting the irony of abortion advocates refusing to engage in dialogue. 

“It’s so concerning that they’ve whipped themselves up into such a frenzy that they won’t even listen to what their opposition has to say. 

“They must have so little confidence in their own arguments that they have to scream down ours.”

The hostility faced by pro-life students extends beyond verbal abuse, with reports of physical attacks and threats of sexual violence. 

Messages of hate inundated the society from its inception, with students being targeted with vile epithets and even subjected to acts of physical aggression.

The University of Manchester, once hailed as a bastion of free speech and academic discourse, now stands tarnished by the shadow of censorship and violence. 

Instead of fostering an environment of intellectual diversity, it has become a breeding ground for intolerance and extremism.

As pro-life students continue to face threats and intimidation, it’s imperative that we stand in solidarity with them, defending their right to express their beliefs without fear of reprisal. 

Let us unite against the forces of censorship and violence, reclaiming our universities as spaces of open dialogue and respectful debate.

In the face of adversity, the courage of pro-life students shines bright, illuminating the path towards a future where every voice is heard and every life is valued. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


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