Law enforcement punished a Pro-Lifer for a terrifying reason that will make you sick

As the radical Left continues their witch hunt against Pro-Lifers – the fallout is downright terrifying.

And one innocent man was shocked to learn why he was singled out and punished. 

But once you hear the real reason why law enforcement targeted this peaceful Pro-Life man, it will make you sick. 

Pro-Lifers can’t stand on public streets

Sebastian Vaughan-Spruce was silently standing outside an abortion facility on a public sidewalk in the UK.

He wasn’t protesting or holding a sign.

There were no shouts of “save the babies” or pamphlets outlining the horrors of abortion.

He was simply standing.

But according to law enforcement officers in the UK – standing on a public street is now considered a “crime” if you are Pro-Life.

“Thinking” about life is now a crime

Law enforcement officers approached Sebastian and read him a series of questions to discern why he was standing on the street.

They began flipping through their list of questions asking him if he was “praying” in the buffer zone (as if that would be a crime even if he was).

Sebastian replied no, but the officers still weren’t satisfied. 

They still asked him to move, claiming he wasn’t allowed to simply “stand” within the buffer zone.

When Sebastian refused to move and asked for clarity on why he had to relocate, he was fined.

Simply for standing on a public sidewalk.


After the fine, Sebastain spoke out and said, “It’s abhorrently wrong that I was interrogated, and issued a penalty, simply for being pro-life and being on a certain public street. Others were present there at the same time, yet I was singled out because of the beliefs I happen to hold,” LifeSite News reported.

But this is the dangerous slippery slope of “buffer zones.”

They are designed to completely eradicate Pro-Lifers from even showing their face inside the “protected zone.”

Sebastian agreed.

“We’re told buffer zones are there to prevent harassment – and I firmly believe that nobody should ever be subjected to harassment, which is already illegal,” Sebastian said.

He continued, “But these regulations are now being misused to punish people for ‘wrong thinking’ in a public space in the U.K,” LifeSite News reported. 

Persecution will come

As the battle for life rages on, attacking peaceful Pro-Lifers will continue to be the new normal.

Even 5 years ago, one couldn’t imagine an elderly grandmother would be arrested and sentenced to prison in the United States of America for exercising her right to peacefully protest against abortion.

But here we are.

And in the UK, Pro-Lifers have found themselves arrested and fined simply for praying within “buffer zones.”

The truth is, the abortion lobby doesn’t simply want “access to abortion”.

They want to completely silence any Pro-Lifer from having a view that gets in their way of ramming through their radical pro-abortion onto the masses.

And if Joe Biden remains in the White House – it’s guaranteed more Pro-Lifers will find themselves behind bars.

To watch the shocking video of Sebastian getting punished for standing on a public sidewalk, check out the video below.

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