Leading Pro-Life group pledges support for a resolution calling for this major abortion mill to close

Photo by Jenna Norman from Unsplash

Pro-abortion zealots are doing all they can to force abortion-on-demand on the American people.

But some pro-life groups are going on offense and taking the fight directly to the abortionists.

Now one leading Pro-Life group is pledging support for a resolution calling for this major abortion mill to close.

Students for Life Action has come out in strong support of a resolution by Greenville County Councilman Stan Tzouvelekas to shut down the Greenville Women’s Clinic, the largest abortion facility in the Palmetto State.

The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities 

Student for Life Action’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities Greenville leader Hayden Laye said the Pro-Life Generation “will urge every member of the Greenville County Council to protect mothers and their preborn children from the disreputable abortion vendor known for bad conditions by shutting down the failed operation.”

The latest action comes after Check My Clinic & DHEC reports that the Greenville Women’s Clinic has failed to comply with state regulations multiple times.

They are accused of failing to manage infectious waste as well as failing to maintain emergency kits, as reported by those doing health and safety inspections. 

And pro-life activists in the region also point out that violent pro-abortion mobs have been allowed to wantonly harass peaceful pro-lifers simply for praying silently.

For these reasons the time is right to shut down this dangerous and deadly abortion mill before even more damage to women is done.

As Laye put it, “The people of Greenville County and Upstate South Carolina deserve better than the Greenville Women’s Clinic.” 

The Student for Life Action leader also went on to note, “Abortion hurts women, but at this disreputable abortion vendor, a failing record plus the hostile treatment from radical abortion supporters add up to this vital resolution that can end these dangers. I personally have had things stolen and been harassed by protesters who seem to work with the abortion business. I couldn’t agree more with Councilman Tzouvelekas that the Greenville Women’s Clinic is a nuisance business that must be shut down.” 

While much of the mainstream media is focused on pro-abortion groups and their efforts to promote the killing of the preborn, it is heartening to see groups like Students for Life Action who are not sitting idly by.

As the radical pro-abortion mob continues its efforts, backed up by the Biden administration and the mainstream media, its more important than ever that pro-life groups follow the lead of Students for Life Action.

Only by fighting back and taking the fight to the abortion mills will the pro-life movement be able to stop the assault on women and the preborn.

And part of that fight is to start holding politicians accountable for their pro-abortion actions and votes and stepping in to support efforts like that of Councilman Stan Tzouvelekas.

The lives of millions of babies are at stake.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.