Left-wing groups are flooding Arizona with cash in an effort to enshrine abortion into the state’s constitution

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Democrats believe abortion is a sacred right.

Party strategists are planning to make it a top issue in 2024.

And left-wing groups are flooding Arizona with cash in an effort to enshrine abortion into the state’s constitution.

Democrats support taxpayer funded abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth with no exceptions.

The majority of Americans strongly oppose the Democrats’ extreme views on abortion.

But instead of pushing the issue and forcing Democrats to admit how extreme their positions really are, Republicans ran away from the abortion issue in 2022 and allowed the Left to define the debate.

Democrats are planning to use the same playbook in 2024 by doubling down on their pro-abortion rhetoric while falsely painting Republicans as “anti-women.”

Arizona is a key Presidential battleground state in 2024.

And the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and several other left-wing groups just joined forces to fund an effort to gather the required signatures for a 2024 ballot initiative to enshrine abortion into the state constitution.

“Arizona for Abortion Access, which is supported by the ACLU of Arizona, Arizona List and Planned Parenthood of Arizona, among others, will use both volunteers and paid staff to gather signatures, leaders announced Thursday at a news conference in Phoenix,” Azcentral reported. “The signatures are required to put the question of both protecting and expanding abortion rights in Arizona on the November 2024 general election ballot.”

The constitutional amendment is known as the “Arizona Abortion Access Act.”

If approved, it would create a “fundamental right” to have an abortion anytime before viability, which is “typically at about 23 or 24 weeks of gestation.”

“Obviously, we need a comfortable cushion here in the state of Arizona because we do get a lot of challenges on our signatures,” senior adviser to Arizona for Abortion Access and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Chris Love said. “So I think we want to at least come in with twice the amount of valid signatures that we need,” he added. “So that’ll put us over 600,000.”

This is not the first time the coalition tried to put a pro-abortion initiative on the ballot.

A similar effort by the pro-abortion lobby in 2022 failed to gather enough signatures to make the ballot.

But Love said this time around he is confident they will gather the required 383,923 valid signatures from Arizona voters by July 3, 2024.

“We are encouraged by the efforts of that group that attempted last year,” Love said. “However, I think we have the benefit of time,” he continued, before adding that “we have an army of volunteers and we have a paid firm that will be out collecting at the same time, and you know, that’s just necessary in this time of these times, especially because of the large volume of signatures that we need to gather.”

Pro-abortion radicals are mobilizing for 2024 all across the country.

They’re hoping Republicans will shy away from the issue like they did in 2022 and allow the Left to set the tone of the debate.

Conservative Pro-Life organizations are turning up the heat on Republicans to not run away from the abortion issue and to talk about the Democrats’ extreme views.

But only time will tell if Republican candidates will repeat the same mistakes or if they will stand up and defend the unborn.

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