Leftist media outlets continue to spread around one misleading poll and conservatives are furious

It’s a well-known fact the mainstream media is intellectually dishonest.

But this election cycle is uglier than ever and proves the Left will do whatever it takes to win.

And conservatives were outraged once they learned one misleading poll is being spread around like wildfire.

This biased poll doesn’t represent the truth

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) released a poll that claims voters strongly favor legal abortion in certain cases.

Taking things one step further, the poll concludes those who consider the issue of abortion as a priority this election cycle overwhelmingly support abortion.

“There is broad support, even among partisans, for protecting access to abortions for patients who are experiencing pregnancy-related emergencies and protecting patients’ right to travel to access abortions, but partisans disagree on other policy proposals such as whether there should be a federal right to abortion or a nationwide 16-week abortion ban,” the KFF poll stated. 

But as Life News pointed out, the survey questions were worded in such a way to skew the responses in favor of abortion using phrases like “pregnancy-related emergencies.”

When in reality, it is never medically-necessary to get an abortion – and saving the life of a mother does not involve deliberately killing an unborn baby.

The real politics of abortion 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made abortion one of their top issues on the campaign trail.

And as they continue to travel the country giving campaign speeches, both Biden and Harris have pledged to do whatever it takes to make abortion legal for any reason.

Biden continues to paint Trump and all Pro-Life candidates as “extremists” who will “take away women’s rights forever.”

The Left hopes by scaring women into believing Republicans are trying to infringe on a woman’s “right” that they can rally up their base to back Biden.

While scare tactics and threats may convince some women to support Biden – the majority of Americans see through the political posturing.

But that’s not what the KFF poll states.

The skewed questions may paint the picture that many Americans “favor abortion” – but as more women share stories about their deep abortion regrets and talk about the abortions that have gone wrong – the tide is turning.

Leftist media outlets love a good story

Of course, leftist media outlets like CNN and NPR don’t care about getting to the bottom of what is true.

They are more concerned with pushing their one-sided agenda and happy to share the KFF poll with their viewers.

Citing the KFF poll, CNN wrote “The majority of voters who named abortion as the most important issue to them say it should be legal in all or most cases.”

But with poll questions designed to skew the answers to fit the Left’s pro-abortion narrative – the poll is not intellectually honest and is clearly designed with the intent to normalize abortion. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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