Leftist Senator is under fire for admitting Democrats’ real stance on infanticide

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly from Copenhagen, Denmark, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats used to pretend they only supported abortion in “extreme” situations.

But now Democrats don’t even try to hide how radical their anti-life position actually is.

And one leftist Senator is under fire for admitting Democrats’ real stance on infanticide.

Mike Pence calls out radical anti-life leftists

Mike Pence sounded the alarm at just how far the anti-life movement has spread in Congress.

On Fox News Sunday, Pence said “Joe Biden and the Democrats actually support taxpayer funding of abortion all the way up to the moment of birth.”

At first, most people overlooked Pence’s statement – thinking there is no possible way Democrats in Congress could hold such an extreme position.

Even the majority of Americans don’t support killing a baby seconds before it’s delivered.

But as it turns out, Mike Pence was right, and Democrats have finally publicly admitted their radical anti-life position

Killing a baby seconds before it’s born is now “okay”

Democrat Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland supports abortion even up until seconds before a baby is delivered.

During a shocking interview with Fox News’ Shannon Bream – Cardin admitted his Party no longer believes in restricting abortion.

Chiding the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade, Cardin said “The Supreme Court decision was a radical decision that reversed the rights of women to make their own health-care decisions. So we support Roe v. Wade, we support the right of women to be able to make their own decisions about their reproductive rights, and it shouldn’t be subservient to what state legislatures are doing.”

Stunned, Bream asked Cardin for clarification, and if Democrats actually support states who allow abortion up until a baby’s due date.

Not missing a beat, Cardin callously uttered the unthinkable.

“We support the right of women to make their own decisions. This is a personal decision made by women with the advice of their doctors and their family, and we don’t think we should try to tell women when they can make those decisions,” Cardin replied.

Bream was still determined to get a clear answer – so again she asked if there was a cut-off point.

“No, to me, it’s a reproductive — it’s a health-care decision. It’s up to women to make that decision,” declared Cardin.

The extreme anti-life agenda of leftist Democrats

And there you have it.

A sitting United States Senator just publicly admitted his Party believes there should be no cut-off point for abortion . . .

. . . meaning a baby who is fully developed should be “allowed” to be slaughtered just seconds before birth.

Democrats used to at least pretend to hide how extreme their abortion views actually were – but not anymore.

This is why the Pro-Life message of life at conception is so crucial.

If a baby is a baby at the moment of conception – then they deserve to be protected at every stage of life.

But if radical Democrats like Ben Cardin get their way – abortion will be legal in every state up until birth.

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