Leftists at CNN are exploiting another tragedy that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief

Leftists at CNN love to spin a story to create their own narrative.

But this time they have gone too far.

And now CNN is exposing yet another tragedy that will leave you shaking your head in disgust. 

The assault on babies with disabilities 

It’s hard to stomach – but there is still a large number of people who believe an unborn baby with a disability does not deserve to live.

Many states have Pro-Life laws protecting the cruel slaughter of unborn babies – simply because the baby has an intellectual or physical disability.

And when Jen and John Adkins found out their presumed healthy baby could have a disability – they were “shattered”, and angry Idaho wouldn’t allow them to abort their baby.

The Adkins baby was presumed to have Turner syndrome – a condition that has challenges but is not life-threatening.

People with Turner syndrome go on to live long lives well into their early 70s.

But the Adkins family didn’t want to have a baby with a disability – so they took matters into their own hands.

Driving out of state to kill their baby

When doctors told Jen Adkins that she couldn’t get an abortion – the couple decided to drive to Oregon to end the life of their baby.

Instead of grieving the loss of their child, the couple was more concerned about their own uncomfortable feelings of being forced to drive out of state to get an abortion.

“We were really afraid that we were breaking the law by seeking this help,” John said. 

He continued, “We honestly felt like we were fleeing and had to do so under the cover of darkness. It was a really, really bizarre feeling … like we’re criminals that have to hide from the state,” CNN reported.

Making sure it never happened again

After their baby was killed, the couple wanted to make sure they would never have a baby again with this disability, so they wanted a genetic test done to confirm they weren’t carriers.

Apparently, this included testing the baby.

John describes in detail carrying his dead child into a drugstore to ship it off to be tested “So my memory is of walking into that first Walgreens and holding a brown paper bag that had our child in it and all the hopes and dreams and everything we wanted. It was just such an ugly, dehumanizing experience that we didn’t need to have. It didn’t need to be that way.”

No – it didn’t need to be that way.

John and his wife didn’t have to go out of state to have an abortion.

They could have given birth to their baby in Idaho and allowed their baby the chance at life.

But instead of focusing on the insane story of how far this couple went to kill their baby – Leftist outlets like CNN spin it to act like this would have never happened if abortion was allowed in Idaho.

To the Left, Pro-Life laws stop them from being able to quickly kill their child – so they blame the trauma this couple experienced on the laws designed to protect the very child they wanted to kill.

Instead of getting mad at the Pro-Life laws – perhaps the Left should be furious a couple would decide to kill a baby simply because it was suspected to have a disability. 

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