March for Life organizers made one huge announcement that has pro-abortion radicals seething with anger

Photo by Tessa Rampersad from Unsplash

The annual March for Life is one of the largest pro-life events in the world. 

Organizers recently released a statement about the 2024 March. . .

And it has pro-abortion radicals seething with anger.

In a resounding call to defend the sanctity of life, the March for Life has declared its theme for the 2024 event: “Pro-Life: With Every Woman, For Every Child.” 

This announcement comes on the heels of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Dobbs, where the court overturned Roe v. Wade, marking a pivotal moment for the pro-life movement.

Pro-choicers often try to claim that the pro-life movement cares only about babies and not their mothers, but the theme of next year’s March proves just how wrong that accusation is. 

March for Life President, Jeanne Mancini, expressed the need to combat the “false narrative around abortion” that portrays it as empowering and necessary. 

In her passionate address, Mancini affirmed, “We disagree. Such fear-based messaging tries to convince women facing unexpected pregnancies that they’re alone, incapable, and ill-equipped to handle motherhood. We who are here today know that is just not true.”

The selected theme aims to spotlight the tireless efforts of the pro-life movement in supporting women navigating challenging or unplanned pregnancies. 

Mancini emphasized the movement’s commitment to dispelling the notion that choosing life is anything but empowering. 

She declared, “We aren’t saying that it’s easy. But we are saying that it is right to choose life, and we hold that choosing life is empowering, and that love saves lives.”

Mancini underscored the significance of showcasing the “vast pro-life safety net,” extending from pregnancy resource centers to state initiatives like the Mississippi Access to Maternal Assistance program (MAMA). 

The MAMA program, spearheaded by Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch, connects pregnant women and families with crucial resources for parenthood.

Whitney Lipscomb, Mississippi Deputy Attorney General, emphasized the core objective of the pro-life movement post-Dobbs: returning the abortion issue to the states for elected leaders to decide the best course of action. 

Lipscomb detailed the MAMA program’s role in linking public and private resources, offering support ranging from medical care during pregnancy to job training.

The March for Life’s theme resonates against the backdrop of a shifting abortion landscape, especially considering recent ballot measures. 

Ohio’s approval of Issue 1 codifying abortion access in the state’s constitution, along with other defeats for anti-abortion measures, has intensified the battle.

Jeanne Mancini’s rallying cry addresses the core sentiment needed when a woman faces an unexpected pregnancy: “When a woman is facing an unexpected pregnancy, what she most needs to hear at that moment is ‘you can do this.'” 

The theme not only challenges the prevailing narrative but also emphasizes the support and resources available to empower women in their journey through motherhood.

Scheduled for January 19, 2024, the 51st March for Life will unfold in a crucial year, marked both by a presidential election and potential abortion-related ballot measures in states like Arizona and Florida. 

The event boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including singer Danny Gokey, Pastor Greg and Cathe Laurie, and former NFL tight end Benjamin Watson, founder of the Watson 7 Foundation.

As the March for Life gears up for its 51st edition, the theme serves as a powerful beacon, inviting every American to stand “With Every Woman, For Every Child.” 

The pro-life movement promises that NO life is unworthy of love and protection and care – and this is what we’ll march for in January. 

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