Massachusetts Democrat was told to step down after his abortion comments caused furor

Photo by Rasmus Svinding via pexels

Just when you think the pro-abortion radicals can’t get any more extreme, they prove you wrong.

They are quickly approaching the rhetoric and actions of the world’s worst mass murderers and despots.

Now this Massachusetts Democrat was told to step down after his abortion comments caused furor.

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins exclaimed, “This is eugenics in 2023 America!”

Parents of special needs children were outraged.

Even his fellow Democrats were furious

The most recent proof of this comes from, not surprisingly, Massachusetts.

That’s where a local Democrat official is now facing calls to step down after complaining about the cost of special education for children with disabilities who are not aborted.

Michael Hugo, the chair of the Framingham, Massachusetts Democrat Committee, made the remarks during a city council meeting when discussing a proclamation about access to abortion and crisis pregnancy centers in the city.

Hugo was attacking Crisis Pregnancy Centers and tried to claim the pro-life pregnancy facilities could misdiagnose a defect in a baby in the womb, leading to them being born and becoming a strain on a school budget.

That’s right, he said the quiet part out loud.

The pro-abortion lobby has tried for decades to keep their racism and promotion of eugenics out of the public view.

While Hugo tried to issue a public apology after 10 days of backlash from members of his own party and parents of special needs children, his effort fell flat.

“This is eugenics in 2023 America”

Kristan Hawkins, the mother of two children with cystic fibrosis and the President of Students for Life told Fox News she was deeply offended by Hugo’s comments.

“This is eugenics, this is eugenics in 2023 America, this is an argument that sadly we’ve heard before and throughout American history, just regurgitated using a bunch of fancy lingo or support for abortion,” Hawkins added.

But it wasn’t just pro-life advocates who were infuriated by Hugo’s comments.

Sheryl Goldstein, the chair of the Framingham Disabilities Commission said, “I saw what Michael had said as a personal attack against my own children. That my children who had special needs were not worth the expense in the school system.”

Jon Fetherston, a special needs advocate said he was in shocked disbelief when he heard Hugo’s comments.

Fetherston said, “As a parent of an autistic child, I read those comments and go ‘what?’ A peer of mine thinks that I should’ve aborted my child because he was going to be a burden to a school budget?”

Apology not accepted

In his public apology letter, Hugo called his comments “offensive and hurtful.”

“I am writing to offer my most sincere and humble apology to members of the Framingham Democratic Committee, but more especially my fellow members of Framingham’s disability family community, for comments that I made at the last City Council meeting which were offensive and hurtful,” he wrote.

He claimed members of the committee did not “see or review” his remarks despite them being sent out the night before the meeting.

Laura Green, a Framingham disability advocate, told Fox News that she does not accept his apology.

“I feel that it was generic and lackluster. I feel like after a statement like that is made, you can’t just pretend that it didn’t happen or take it back because it’s damaging to a community of people,” she said. “The disability community is the only minority group that you can become a part of at any time.”

The question now is, how long will it take the rest of the country to see abortion for what it really is – eugenics and mass murder on a scale rivaling Hitler and Stalin.

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