Massachusetts is trying to take away this parental right and the reason why will infuriate you

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Massachusetts is one of the most pro-abortion states in the country.

But it looks like that’s just not enough for Planned Parenthood.

Massachusetts is set to take away this parent right and the reason why will infuriate you.

In a recent interview, Lee boldly declared that her “number one priority” is to make abortion more accessible in the state, raising serious concerns among pro-lifers.

One of Lee’s primary targets is the parental notification law, requiring minors seeking abortion to obtain parental consent. 

In the interview with WBUR, Lee expressed her dissatisfaction with the current age limit, stating, “The parental consent requirement was reduced from age 18 to 16, but even 16 is still too high.” 

She argued that there is no medical necessity for such consent and claimed that it only serves to delay care, ranging from five to 21 days, emphasizing the urgency of decision-making for individuals considering abortion options.

Lee’s focus on “reducing all of the unnecessary burdens and barriers” to abortion in Massachusetts sends shockwaves through the pro-life community. 

She aims to dismantle what she perceives as obstacles, including parental involvement, targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP laws), combating misinformation, and providing additional education to patients.

“I think we have some of the strongest abortion protections, but we still have a lot of work to do to make it more accessible… So things like eliminating parental involvement, proactively thinking about how we limit the ability for us to have TRAP laws, combat misinformation, as well as thinking about how we provide additional education to our patients,” Lee declared.

The proposed elimination of parental notification laws raises significant concerns about the safety and well-being of young girls. 

Such laws serve as crucial safeguards, protecting minors from potential trafficking or coercion into unwanted abortions. 

Lee’s agenda to strip away these protections not only jeopardizes the rights of parents but also places vulnerable young girls at greater risk.

Planned Parenthood has long been criticized for its profit-driven motives, with abortion being a substantial revenue stream. 

The organization committed nearly 6.4 million abortions since 2000, as indicated by its 2020 annual report, while receiving a staggering $9.3 billion in taxpayer dollars. 

Lee’s pursuit of removing pro-life safeguards, especially those protecting pregnant minors, is likely to contribute to the organization’s financial gains, capitalizing on increased abortion revenue.

The elimination of parental notification laws poses a stark contradiction to existing norms. 

Minors are generally unable to undergo surgery or receive medication from a school nurse without parental approval. 

However, if Lee’s agenda succeeds, minors seeking abortions will be granted the autonomy to obtain abortion drugs or undergo surgical procedures without their parents’ knowledge.

This move raises ethical concerns as vulnerable young girls, grappling with life-altering decisions, might find themselves consulting only with abortion providers. 

The inherent conflict of interest, where the provider stands to gain financially from the termination of a child’s life, underscores the potential risks associated with stripping away parental rights.

As pro-lifers grapple with this alarming agenda, the need to advocate for the sanctity of life and parental rights becomes increasingly urgent. 

The battle against these proposed changes is not just about ideology; it’s about protecting the well-being and safety of the most vulnerable members of society – the unborn and young girls facing difficult choices.

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