Media remains silent after anti-life radicals attacked this pro-life group’s headquarters

It’s no secret there’s a double standard in the mainstream media.

The pro-abortion slant in the news today is glaring.

Case in point, the media is remaining eerily silent after anti-life radicals attacked this pro-life group’s headquarters.

In a brazen act that has sent shockwaves through the pro-life community, the headquarters of Pro Vita & Famiglia in Rome faced another egregious attack on June 6. 

Lest we think our pro-life troubles are only on our shores, this story serves as a stark reality check. 

This time, a female protester, flanked by a cameraman from the Italian news agency ANSA and a left-wing European Parliament candidate, attempted to plaster the building with a pro-abortion poster. 

Jacopo Coghe, the organization’s spokesperson, reported that the situation escalated quickly. 

“We immediately went out to the street, removed the poster, and warned the woman and the others present not to continue painting the premises, urging them to keep their distance while the police were called,” Coghe stated. 

The protester, undeterred, shouted ideological slogans championing abortion and claimed her “freedom of expression” was being infringed upon, asserting that her “art was being censored.”

The incident, captured on video and posted on YouTube, highlights the increasing tension and aggression faced by pro-life advocates in Europe. 

The provocateurs did not retreat until law enforcement arrived on the scene, marking this as the 13th act of vandalism against Pro Vita & Famiglia’s office in less than three years. 

Shockingly, this was the third such attack in just over a month.

This ongoing assault on the values held dear by pro-lifers is not just an isolated event in Italy. 

It represents a growing trend of hostility towards those who stand up for the unborn. 

Pro Vita & Famiglia, a stalwart defender of life and family values, has been a frequent target of radical activists. 

These attacks are not mere acts of protest; they are calculated moves to intimidate and silence those who dare to voice opposition to the pro-abortion agenda.

Coghe’s resolve in the face of such adversity is commendable. 

His swift action in removing the poster and calling the authorities underscores the organization’s commitment to protecting its mission and premises from desecration. 

The protester’s claim that her rights were being violated is a blatant attempt to twist the narrative and paint herself as a victim. 

In reality, it is Pro Vita & Famiglia and its supporters who are under siege, their right to peacefully advocate for life trampled upon by radical activists.

This latest incident raises a critical question: How much longer will pro-life advocates be forced to endure such relentless harassment? 

The mainstream media’s silence on these attacks is deafening, and it’s time for the pro-life community to rally together and demand that our voices be heard. 

We must stand firm in our beliefs and support organizations like Pro Vita & Famiglia that courageously uphold the sanctity of life, despite facing continuous threats and violence.

As we reflect on this latest attack, let us remember that our battle is not just for the unborn but for the very soul of our society. It is a fight against a culture that seeks to undermine the value of life at every turn. 

We must remain vigilant, united, and resolute, knowing that we stand on the right side of history.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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