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Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is standing strong for life.

And the Democrats have been brutally attacking him.

But now Mitch McConnell led these Senate Republicans in an attack on pro-life Senator Tuberville for standing up for life.

Recently a tense scene unfolded on the Senate floor as some Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, and Senators Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Todd C. Young (R-IN) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) confronted Tuberville.

Keep killing babies to promote left-wing officers

This group of GOP RINOs urged Tuberville to lift his hold on officer promotions for “the sake of national security.” 

They then proposed votes on individual officers whose promotions have been delayed. 

Tuberville rebuffed them one by one, blocking each proposed nominee despite his colleagues’ frustration.

But the simple fact is all Tuberville is attempting to do is stop the Biden DoD from using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions — Something that is illegal anyway.

Any Republican who claims to be pro-life should be standing strongly with Tuberville, not attacking him.

But the fact is McConnell and the other so-called “Republican” Senators have never been ones to stand for principle, and certainly not for life.

McConnell has always been more than ready to sell out the lives of innocent children for the establishment’s goals.

Even when those goals include promoting woke, left-wing officers to even higher positions in the military.

They claim Tuberville is hurting national security by standing for life.

But in fact, by stopping the promotion of these left-wing officers Tuberville is actually helping national security.

Tuberville stays strong 

Of particular note was Iowa’s Joni Ernst who has always claimed to be solidly pro-life.  

But with her latest actions she proved she too cares more about political correctness and the war machine than she does about innocent babies.

Ernst showed she is perfectly happy to allow Biden’s military to kill babies with taxpayer dollars.

For his part Tuberville remains strong and is staying the course.

Tuberville said he has no interest or intent to change course. 

“We’re not going to start backing up now just because people are starting to get cold feet … on my side” of the political aisle. 

The Alabama Republican and pro-life champion held firmly to this position as the evening’s theatrics went on, and the attacks from his supposed fellow Republicans increased.

Tuberville declared “I object” each and every time as his GOP colleagues, most of whom have military backgrounds themselves, proposed an individual officer for a promotion.

While frustration among the GOP moderates bubbled over, Tuberville stood for his pro-life values.

He showed he is not a typical Washington, D.C. insider willing to compromise away children’s lives for the whims of the swamp.

Now its time for the pro-life community to stand up and join him.

First, pro-life leaders and activists need to hold self-described pro-life Senators like Joni Ernst accountable for her actions.

Senator Tommy Tuberville is showing pro-life groups how to fight, it is time they took notice and did so.

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