Montana Governor signed five Pro-Life bills into law and scored a major victory for life

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Unborn babies everywhere scored a major victory and pro-abortion leftists are fuming.

While pro-abortion states continue to ram through bills ensuring babies will die – Montana did the opposite.

And now five new Pro-Life bills have become law scoring a major victory for life and the Pro-Life movement. 

Slaughtering babies won’t happen in Montana 

Republican Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana says he’s Pro-Life – and his latest actions prove his words have merit. 

Unlike sellout politicians like Nancy Mace who claim to be “Pro-Life” then lecture conservatives to find a “middle ground” with the pro-abortion Left . . . 

. . . Gianforte put pro-abortion activists in their place and let all of Montana know the slaughter of unborn babies wasn’t happening on his watch.

Gianforte signed not one . . .

. . . but FIVE Pro-Life bills into law.

“Without life there is no liberty”

During the Pro-Life bill signing ceremony – Gianforte said our Declaration of Independence clearly states our Creator guarantees us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

He added “but without life, there is no liberty or the pursuit of happiness.” 

Gianforte continued with his speech and said while some Pro-Life bills were tied up in the court, that Montana’s commitment to “do what’s right for unborn babies however will never waver.”  

Babies who survive abortions deserve to live

Many politicians are calloused and hard-hearted and actually believe babies who survive botched abortions don’t deserve to live.

Chilling stories have surfaced of babies surviving the hit on their life yet being placed in a room to die – alone. 

But in Montana, The Infant Safety and Care Act demands doctors and medical professionals must care for a baby who survived an abortion just as they would care for any other newborn baby.

If they don’t – the consequences are steep.

Not only could they lose their license – but Montana deems it a felony and they could face time in prison.


Any “doctor” who allows a newborn baby to die because they failed to “succeed” at their abortion deserves time in prison. 

Holding those who distribute abortion drugs accountable

Pro-abortion leftists continue to lie to women telling them abortion is as easy as “popping a pill” . . . 

. . . except they fail to mention the cases of women who suffer major reactions from this deadly drug. 

But under Montana law, Gianforte says the new law will “require reporting of individuals harmed by abortion pills to hold those distributing these drugs accountable and shed light on the consequences of this practice.” 

Not until every baby is safe

While these Pro-Life bills are a good start – they don’t go far enough to protect innocent life.

There should be no exceptions in any solid Pro-Life bill – regardless of whether or not a baby was conceived by rape. 

Every baby deserves the God-given right to be born and have a chance at life. 

Pro-Lifers must not stop speaking out for life or holding elected politicians accountable for their actions until every baby is safe from abortion.

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