More than 100 black pastors in Ohio just signed an open letter that sent the abortion lobby into panic mode

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There’s just over three weeks until Ohioans head to the polls to vote on Issue One, a ballot measure that would make abortion-on-demand the law of the land in the state.

Soros-backed groups are spending millions of dollars to get as many left-wing voters to the polls as possible on November 7.

But more than 100 black pastors in Ohio just signed an open letter that sent the abortion lobby into panic mode.

The abortion lobby poured millions of dollars and devoted countless resources to help pass Issue One on November 7 and enshrine abortion into Ohio’s Constitution.

Issue One would “establish a state constitutional right to ‘make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions,’ including decisions about abortion, contraception, fertility treatment, miscarriage care, and continuing pregnancy.”

In short, Issue One would enshrine abortion up to birth into the Constitution and nullify Ohio’s parental notification laws.

But with November 7 just around the corner, a letter just surfaced that could be a game changer on Issue One.

More than 100 black pastors signed a letter exposing the truth about the abortion lobby and urging Ohioans to vote against it on November 7.

“As Black faith and community leaders across Ohio who are called to care for God’s people, we urge our fellow Christians, the Black community, and all Ohioans who believe in the inherent value of every person to vote NO on Issue 1 this November,” the letter signed by more than 100 black pastors read. “The future of our state, our society, and our race is at stake in this amendment, and we must protect them.”

The pastors went on to explain that protecting the lives of innocent unborn babies is not a “party line vote, nor is Issue One a Republican or Democrat issue.”

Instead, the pastors called it a “moral issue” for every Ohioan.

As the pastors pointed out, the overwhelming majority of abortions occur in the black community.

Even though blacks only make up 13 percent of Ohio’s population, the pastors wrote that “48 percent of abortions undergone by residents of our state are performed on Black women – a tragic and difficult reality that our community cannot ignore.”

Between 1973 and the overturning of Roe v. Wade last June, more than 20 million black babies were put to death at the hands of abortionists.

The pastors also revealed the racist history behind the founding of Planned Parenthood and how founder Margaret Sanger targeted black communities for abortions.

“Enough is enough,” the letter read. “The Black community supports life,” it continued, before adding that “we have a rich pro-life history, rooted in our love of family and in our abiding faith and belief that God is the ultimate author of every

“Our faith sustains us every day, and it must now spur us on to defeat this amendment and save countless Black lives in doing so,” they continued. “Together, we must send a message to the abortion industry by stopping Issue 1.”

In conclusion, the pastors urged Ohioans to “end the targeting of Black babies and instead promote a culture of life.”

“We will make our voices heard, and together we will vote no on Issue 1,” the more than 100 pastors concluded.

Of course, the abortion lobby will outspend prolifers by tens of millions of dollars in Ohio on Issue One.

But pastors are very influential in the black community.

More than 100 black pastors are sounding the alarm in their communities about the importance of voting against Issue One on November 7.

And the grassroots pro-life firestorm sweeping across Ohio has the abortion lobby in a panic mood.

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