Mother with ovarian cancer told to abort but she gave birth and this happened

Photo by Daisy Laparra from Pexels

Despite what the corporate media tells you, not all women believe in the mass murder of children.

In fact, many women will go to any length to protect innocent life.

And one mother with ovarian cancer was told to abort but she gave birth and then this happened.

Ohio mom Aleks Patete made a hard decision; she simply could not abort her unborn son, even with her serious cancer diagnosis.

He saved my life

The 28-year-old mom said her unborn baby boy had saved her life, and there was no way she was going to destroy his.

Patete told People, “I think about the things that could have happened and what could have gone wrong and there’s no other reason than the grace of God that everything worked out and we are both alive. I truly think God was watching over us.”

Patete was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after her seven-week pregnancy ultrasound revealed more than just her baby.

They found a cyst on her ovary as well.

Not surprisingly, doctors told her she should have an abortion so that she could immediately begin chemotherapy, but Patete refused. 

She believes her unborn son is the only reason doctors found her cancer in the first place.

“He saved my life,” Patete said. “Now it was my turn to save his life.

“It’s a miracle”

She continued, “It’s a miracle. The cancer could have progressed a lot further, and we would have had no idea if it wasn’t for my pregnancy. God sent DJ to save my life.”

Later in her pregnancy, Patete began chemotherapy at the University Hospital Cleveland. 

All the time, she said she worried that her cancer treatments might hurt her son.

“It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make,” she said.

“But we had to weigh our options — if I didn’t do anything, I put my life at risk, if I did something, was I putting the baby at risk? It was extremely difficult.”

The expectant mother went through chemotherapy while continuing to work full-time as a nurse. 

She said she felt both exhausted and sick, but her doctors comforted her with updates that both she and her unborn baby were doing ok.

Then, on April 24, Patete gave birth to her son DJ, just three days after finishing her chemotherapy. 

After the birth she had surgery to remove her right ovary and fallopian tube. 

Now, Patete says she is in remission.

Patete says she is thrilled to be DJ’s mother, and she still hopes she will be able to have more children someday.

“It was just beautiful,” she said. “And he’s the sweetest baby, always smiling and just a joy.”

Studies show women with cancer should not abort

Research shows that pregnant women who undergo cancer treatments later in their pregnancies are not putting their unborn babies at significant risk. 

In fact, a 2015 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded, “Prenatal exposure to maternal cancer with or without treatment did not impair the cognitive, cardiac, or general development of children in early childhood.”

And the lead researcher, Professor Frédéric Amant, said women should not abort their unborn babies based on fears their cancer treatment could affect their child.

But despite the facts, many doctors still push abortion frequently when pregnant moms are diagnosed with cancer.

That is how prevalent the pro-abortion ideology has become in the medical community. 

Thankfully Patete was having none of it.

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