MSNBC’s Joy Reid says these Americans are modern day slave owners

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The mainstream media has become nothing more than a public relations firm for the radical Left.

And no outlet is worse than the socialist network MSNBC.

And now, as if to prove that point MSNBC’s Joy Reid says these Americans are modern day slave owners.

If you are a Christian or a pro-lifer, MSNBC’s Joy Reid believes you are nothing more than a modern day slave trader.

A family history lesson

During a recent segment entitled “the origins of white supremacy,” Reid also gave a family history lesson. 

“Among those who did survive was my own maternal ancestor, a Fulani Muslim woman named Yhara Waboosia, later a converted Christian renamed Midgy Johnson. She was born in 1800 in Ghana and as a six or seven-year-old was incarcerated in one of those slave castles in Ghana and shipped to present day Guyana with her mom. She actually lived to be 106 years old. She died in 1906, 23 years before my own mother was born.”

As fascinating as that story is, Reid was only telling it to set up her real point, and to attack Christians and pro-lifers.

Because she went on a rant under the totally false assumption that this story is illegal to teach in school.

Reid continued, “This stuff is not ancient history, y’all. And history is fascinating, right? Americans should consider making it legal to teach in schools here.”

Of course, as usual with Reid, she has no idea what she is talking about. Nowhere is this story illegal in any school in the country.

But that didn’t stop Reid from continuing her rant and trying to tie the story to modern day America, and launching an attack on Christians, pro-lifers, and anyone opposed to little kids reading sexually explicit material in school.

A bizarre tirade aimed at Christians

Reid then spouted out her conspiratorial theory on how Christians and pro-life activists are in essence modern day slave traders. 

“When you look at the sometimes violent history of organized religion from the slave trade to the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials to the religion-based conflicts and conquests in places like Israel-Palestine or the emergence, again, per Robbie Jones, of right-wing Christianity-based white supremacy, here in the U.S., it should not surprise you that the base of support for far-right policies on banning books and distorting history, on abortion, on LGBTQ issues, even support for cults like QAnon and the cult of personality around Donald Trump, are grounded in religious extremism.”

Reid fails to point out it is progressives like her who dehumanize people in the abortion debate under the guise of “choice” and convenience. 

How she gets to the conclusion that pro-lifers, who work tirelessly to save babies from mass murder at the hands of modern-day racists and eugenicists, are modern day slave traders is really beyond all comprehension.

And of course her statement is built on lies, distortions and smears against Christians.

Reid once again is attempting to attack Christians all in the name of tolerance.

Maybe she should study the history of Planned Parenthood instead.

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