Nancy Mace is facing this staff revolt as her pro-abortion views become more radical

S.C. Air National Guard, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

South Carolina RINO Nancy Mace is in real trouble.

And as she continues her fall from grace, even her most trusted advisors are jumping ship.

And now Nancy Mace is facing this staff revolt as her pro-abortion views become more radical.

Legendary former U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen once said, “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”

It seems that’s true for congressional staff too.

Toxic and delusional

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC 1) has seen her entire D.C. office turn over since November 1 as former staff members described a “toxic” work culture driven by a “delusional” boss.

Delusional is a very apt description of Mace who has gone from claiming (when running for election) to be a pro-life Republican to becoming the leading House spokesperson for abortion-on-demand.

No wonder her entire staff has deserted the ship.

In total, nine of Mace’s D.C. staffers have left her office in the span of a few short months.

All but one of those employees left on their own accord.

The lone exception to those who left Mace’s office on their own accord is now-former chief of staff Dan Hanlon.

Hanlon was fired on December 1 in a nasty split and has now filed to run against Mace in the GOP primary in her South Carolina district.

As for the rest of her former staff, they all simply quit. 

Those resignations include her deputy chief of staff Richard Chalkey, her legislative director Randal Meyer, communications director Will Hampson, a financial adviser, a staff assistant, two legislative assistants, and her military legislative assistant. 

According to The Daily Beast, there was good reason to leave.

A number of former Mace staffers described a “toxic” work environment.

But Mace’s new chief of staff, Lori Khatod, said the complete staff turnover is a “non-issue.”

​​New coach, new team in the DC office,” Khatod wrote in a text message.

But multiple former staffers who spoke with The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity told a very different story.

Claims that Mace is abusive

“The member was abusive,” one former senior staffer told The Daily Beast.

The staffer specifically pointed to the frequency with which Mace would communicate with her staff, either over text, Signal, or

It is of note that is an unauthorized software system Mace uses in her office.

This former staffer said Mace uses the software to “micromanage the office all day and into the night and early morning.”

“It was constant,” the former staffer said.

Another former senior staffer said Mace called them close to midnight on Christmas Eve and demanded to know why she wasn’t getting on TV more during the holiday week.

“If she needed us, we had to answer within eight minutes,” this staffer said, stating that the eight-minute timeframe was actually a “rule.”

“Nancy is delusional as a boss,” the former staffer went on. “She says nothing publicly without her consultants or senior staffers telling her to, but takes credit for everything. She’s a walking teleprompter.”

The former staffer also said Mace “has no idea what it actually means to be a member of Congress and is too scared and self-conscious to deal with other people, so she accomplished nothing.”

“All this is why pretty much every staffer and fellow member on the Hill thinks she’s a joke,” this ex-employee said. “Also a big reason why she’s only able to hire former George Santos staffers right now.”

But the worst thing Mace has done is to be toxic and delusional on the issue of life. 

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