Nancy Mace’s latest jaw-dropping remarks on abortion will leave you furious

Congresswoman Nancy Mace revealed her true colors on abortion yet again. 

Mace claims to be “Pro-Life” but her latest interview proved once more she is walking lockstep with the pro-abortion crowd.

And once you hear Mace’s latest jaw-dropping comments on abortion you’ll be furious.

Mace claims being Pro-Life is a losing battle

During an interview on CBS News’ Face the Nation, when Mace was asked to comment on fellow RINO Niki Haley’s comments on abortion, Mace had a golden opportunity.

She could have publicly called out Nikki Haley for her pro-abortion remarks.

Mace could have cast herself in a different light and promised to vote to protect unborn babies.

But she didn’t.

Instead, Mace told CBS that ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned, she’s been trying to show a “roadmap” to lead the way forward. 

“I represent a swing district in South Carolina, but show a roadmap for winning states that are very purple . . . and articulating where we stand on the message and we have to show- and I’m pro life, but I’m a conservative who reaches across the aisle and works with the other side,” Mace told CBS.

What Mace’s comments really meant is she is a squishy moderate Republican who is willing to compromise on life to try and win votes from other squishy moderates . . .

. . . while still claiming to be “Pro-Life” hoping conservatives who voted for her won’t pay attention to how she’s sold out to the pro-abortion crowd.

And in case you wondered what she thought about Nikki Haley – Mace proclaimed during her Face The Nation interview “I love Nikki Haley, I’ve not been quiet about that.”

“No one wants zero weeks”

Pro-Lifers around the country continue to work tirelessly to ban abortion at the moment of conception.

But according to Mace – “no one wants zero weeks.”

During her interview Mace stated “15 to 20 weeks is the sweet spot” because “the Democrats often are at 24 weeks. And that’s too far for a lot of people.”

She concluded her remarks reiterating “No one wants zero weeks.”

But Mace is dead wrong.

She may have sold her soul for political gain – but the rest of the rock-solid people in the Pro-Life movement with even a hint of conviction are still working around the clock to ban abortion. 

All things to all people

Nancy Mace is the typical politician who uses her conservative base to get elected and then sells out at the first chance she gets.

Principled politicians stand true to their convictions and take the hits . . . 

. . . but not Nancy Mace.

Her ambition has blinded her and caused her to pander to moderates and even pro-abortion activists on the Left – proving once again she is not guided by the “Pro-Life” principles she professes to have.

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