Nancy Pelosi just made this post-election prediction about the U.S. Senate that will force abortion-on-demand on every state

The 2024 election season is heating up.

But most people don’t realize it’s about far more than who wins the presidency.

And Nancy Pelosi just made this post-election prediction about the U.S. Senate that will force abortion-on-demand on every state.

With an epic rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump this year, all eyes are on the presidential election.

Literally a matter of life and death

But Democrat strategists are focusing much of their effort on U.S. Senate and House races instead of the presidency.

They know Joe Biden is a deeply flawed candidate, and that Donald Trump is surging in every major poll.

But they also know that whoever controls Congress controls the agenda going forward.

And Democrats have an ambitious, socialist agenda they want to impose on the nation.

Nowhere is that more evident than on the issue of abortion.

Democrats are hell-bent on forcing abortion-on-demand on every single state in the nation.

They are pushing for abortion with no limits, up to birth – and even after – and all paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Their agenda is literally a matter of life and death for millions of babies.

And former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made it clear what the Democrats are trying to do.

Pelosi appeared on MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports and said that if the Democrats win majorities in Congress and the White House, they will get rid of the Senate filibuster to legalize abortion-on-demand nationwide. 

Pelosi said, “People have to view abortion as a democracy issue. This is about freedom to make your own decisions for a woman. It’s a personal decision, it’s an economic decision at the kitchen table of America’s families, if and when they could expand their families or even start their families.”

Of course, Pelosi, like all pro-abortion advocates refuses to admit that it is none of those issues.

Abortion is simply a matter of murder.

And Democrats have decided they are the pro-mass murder party.

Enshrining Roe into federal law

Tur then asked, “Do you think it’s going to be a more powerful issue at the ballot box this time around?”

Pelosi responded, “Well, it is because the fact is that no matter what he says, there will be a national abortion ban, and that would be horrible for our country.”

She was referring to a Trump presidency even though Trump has moved away from any idea of a national abortion ban angering his most ardent supporters.

But Pelosi ignored that fact too and continued, “We have to win it all. We have to win the White House, with our great president of the United States, Joe Biden, who has a vision for America that is in keeping with the vision of our founders, the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, the aspirations of our children and their families.”

Tur asked, “If President Biden gets reelected and there’s a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, what can President Biden do to protect abortion nationwide?”

Pelosi said, “We can enshrine into the law Roe v. Wade.”

Tur said, “That would take two-thirds in the Senate.”

But that’s when Pelosi explained the Democrat strategy, “No it doesn’t. It’s 60 votes is the Senate now but if we win 50-plus-1 in the Senate, 50 plus the Vice President, we can overturn the 60-vote rule.”

Tur said, “The filibuster.”

Pelosi said, “The filibuster and pass it with a 51-vote margin. That’s what we need to do.”

Nancy Pelosi has made it clear; this election is about far more than who sits in the White House and pro-life voters had better mobilize soon.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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