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The abortion lobby is working overtime to push their radical agenda, and now they have actual doctors doing their bidding.

And if abortion activists get their way – abortion will be available on demand – for any reason – with no restrictions.

In fact, a national physician group just admitted their horrifying pro-abortion stance that will leave you downright furious. 

Abortion up until birth 

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) announced their stand on abortion, and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

According to ACOG, abortion “saves lives” and should be performed “without limitations”.

ACOG Interim Chief Executive Christopher Zahn and his pro-abortion pal Interim Director of Advocacy and Public Affairs for the Society of Family Planning Jenni Villavicencio were furious at a Pro-Life op-ed they read.

In response, Zahn and Villavicencio claimed “abortion “must be available without restrictions, without limitations and without barriers — just as any other critical part of health care,” reported Live Action.

Without limitations?

This clearly means they are fine with ripping a 9-month-old baby from its mother’s womb.

Pro-Lifers slam the lies of the abortion lobby

While many Leftist politicians and radical pro-abortion groups like the ACOG gleefully admit they are more than happy to advocate for killing unborn babies at all stages of a woman’s pregnancy, other Democrats refuse to admit this horrifying truth.

Former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed Republicans were lying and that “no one” was advocating for late-term abortions.

Psaki wrote on X “The argument that Democrats are advocating for more late term abortions is completely misleading. I explain with lots of FACTS today . . .”

Of course, she’s lying, and there are plenty of public videos and quotes of pro-abortion politicians saying just the opposite. 

The truth is, Democrats know that even their most extreme supporters aren’t on board with killing a 9-month-old unborn baby.

Abortion is never medically necessary 

In order to justify such an extreme position, many pro-abortion advocates claim that late-term abortions are necessary to save the life of a mother.

But abortion is never medically necessary, ever.

An early delivery, perhaps.

Just like possible medical interventions to address pregnancy complications is something many doctors do.

But there is a difference between an early delivery to save the life of a mother, giving the premature baby every chance at survival verses the intentional killing of an unborn baby through an abortion.

ACOG’s radical position on abortion is shocking – but it’s the trend of the pro-abortion movement.

They’ve gone from pushing abortion at a certain threshold to now claiming that abortion is “healthcare” and a “right” of every woman, for every level of her pregnancy. 

At least now that the extreme pro-abortion agenda is public, people will wake up to the horrifying reality of the abortion movement, and just how dark it really is. 

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