Nearly 3,000 women are all begging the Supreme Court to sound the alarm on this hot topic

Women who have experienced the unintended consequences of a deadly drug are finally speaking out.

Determined to stop the wildfire spread of misinformation – an Amici brief was filed with the United States Supreme Court. 

And now nearly 3,000 women are all begging the Supreme Court to sound the alarm on this hot topic that is harming women. 

Abortion pills are not “harmless”

As the Biden administration ramps up their pro-abortion campaign – the push for chemical abortions is on the rise.

Women are lied to and told abortion pills are “like Tylenol” with no severe consequences . . . 

. . . when nothing could be further from the truth.

And as more and more women are facing extreme bleeding and emotional trauma from seeing their dead baby come out of their body – women who have experienced these horrors are finally speaking out.

An Amici brief to sound the alarm

The Justice Foundation filed an Amici brief with the United States Supreme Court on behalf of 2,743 women who have been injured by abortion drugs.

Prominent Pro-Lifers represented in the brief include Abby Johnson – a former Planned Parenthood worker now turned Pro-Life activist and Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece.

The brief starts out and says “Amici 2,743 Women Injured by Abortion are women who were injured by their own abortions and their abortionists. Most of the Amici Women Injured by Abortion suffered grievous psychological injuries, but many suffered severe physical complications as well. All were exposed to the risk of serious physical injury, as well as serious psychological injuries, and thus have a profound interest in protecting other women from such injuries.”


There’s no better group of women to tell the story about the dangers of abortion drugs than those who have gone through it personally and suffered.

The horrifying details

While the abortion lobby continues to describe chemical abortions as “harmless” – the stories in the brief paint a different picture.

Abby Johnson’s story describes her chemical abortion and the physical and emotional trauma she experienced.

“I was told by the clinic staff that it would be more ‘natural’ . . . ‘like having a heavy period’. I was given the . . . pill in the clinic and [was] told that [it] would ‘stop the pregnancy.’ I was told to insert 800mcg of Misoprostol vaginally 24 hours later. Within 30 minutes. . .  I began to hemorrhage and pass clots . . . intense cramping.”

Johnson’s story continued, “I had never experienced pain so severe. . . I began to vomit . . . I was passing clots the size of lemons. I . . . scooped my baby up . . . and . . . wasn’t sure what to do. No one had prepared me for that . . . It felt wrong . . . but . . . I dropped my child in the toilet, closed my eyes, and flushed.”

And as Biden and his wicked anti-life activists continue to push chemical abortions, the abortion lobby hopes stories like Abby Johnson’s will never see the light of day.

But now that the brief has been submitted as the Supreme Court prepares to hear the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine – perhaps the stories of these women will provide first-hand testimonies of the real and present dangers of abortion drugs. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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