New York Attorney General Letitia James has waged war against pro-life pregnancy centers and the reason why will infuriate you

Abortion-on-demand isn’t enough for the radical pro-abortion mob.

Now they’re attacking life-affirming pregnancy centers.

And the New York Attorney General is leading the charge by waging war against pro-life pregnancy centers.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is at it again, targeting pro-life pregnancy centers in a relentless crusade against life and truth. 

In a shocking move, James launched legal actions against ten Christian pro-life pregnancy centers, accusing them of “misleading statements or omissions” related to the Abortion Pill Reversal (“APR”) protocol.

But this assault on pro-life centers is just the latest chapter in a sinister playbook orchestrated by pro-abortion political extremists. 

Following in the footsteps of California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s similar attacks in 2023, James is wielding the full force of her office to silence voices of life and hope.

Represented by the formidable Thomas More Society, pro-life defendants are gearing up for a legal showdown against James’ overreach. 

But the clock is ticking, with only five days given to respond before James unleashes her legal onslaught.

This isn’t just about legal maneuvering; it’s a coordinated assault reminiscent of Marxist tactics employed by extremist groups like Jane’s Revenge. 

From firebombings to legislative weaponization, pro-life pregnancy centers have been under siege for two years in blue-state strongholds like New York.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, minced no words in condemning James’ actions. 

He boldly asserted the constitutional rights of pro-life groups and warned of the chilling effect on women’s choices if James gets her way.

But the fight isn’t just about legal battles; it’s about exposing the truth behind the abortion industry’s facade. 

Rev. Harden laid bare the staggering risks of chemical abortion, shedding light on the industry’s deceptive practices and flagrant violations of federal law.

In the face of adversity, pro-life centers like CompassCare are undeterred. 

Rev. Harden sees James’ lawsuit as an opportunity to educate the nation about the harsh realities of abortion and the toll it takes on women’s health and well-being.

With the 2024 Presidential election looming, the battle lines are drawn. 

Pro-abortion forces are ramping up their attacks, but pro-life warriors like Rev. Harden are ready to stand firm in defense of life, liberty, and truth.

As Letitia James sets her sights on pro-life centers, Christian conservative Americans are rallying behind the cause. 

The fight for life is far from over, and with unwavering resolve, we will prevail against the forces of darkness that seek to snuff out the light of life and hope.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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