Nikki Haley accused her male running mates of the most ridiculous thing ever

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Nikki Haley continues to embarrass herself while pretending to be “Pro-Life” yet betraying Pro-Lifers every chance she gets.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all – Haley further buried herself with her latest rant.

Haley has stooped to a new low and has actually accused her male running mates of the most ridiculous thing ever.

The “fellas” demonize abortion

Haley is proud to be the only female running for President – and she uses her sex every chance she gets hoping to “stand out” from the crowd.

Except all she does is look foolish and desperate.

In her latest rant, Haley had the nerve to claim her running mates have “demonized” the abortion issue.

Haley said “We have to humanize this issue. I am not going to be part of demonizing this issue, it’s too personal to everyone. And the fellas have done that for too long.”

She continued “No offense, but it is time that we start treating it like a sensitive topic that it is,” reported The Daily Mail.

Killing babies is black and white

While Haley wants to dance around the abortion topic claiming it’s too “sensitive” to talk about – unborn babies continue to be killed.

When it comes to standing up for life – now more than ever – Americans need a President who refuses to take a moderate position when it comes to defending life.

Haley may still publicly claim she is “Pro-Life” – but anyone who follows her ridiculous rants knows the truth – she is a RINO who has sold out Pro-Lifers as a candidate, and as an opportunist she will continue to do so.

Haley claims she doesn’t “judge” those who want to kill babies

Solid Pro-Lifers believe life should be protected at conception and that every baby deserves the right to be born.

On the other hand, Nikki Haley believes the abortion issue is “personal” and claims she doesn’t “judge” those who are pro-abortion.

“This issue is personal for every woman and every man,” Haley said.

She continued “So I don’t judge anyone for being pro-choice any more than I want you to judge me for being pro-life,” reported The Daily Mail.

While Haley hopes her anti-life comments will cause women to vote for her – she’s dead wrong.

Rabid anti-life women aren’t going to vote for Nikki Haley, ever.

All Haley has done is further alienate herself with conservatives who value the right to life.

Haley’s pathetic attempt to claim that it’s “the fellas” who are “demonizing” the issue of life is ridiculous.

She’s better served just finally admitting she’s a moderate and doesn’t care if women abort their babies – at least she would be intellectually honest.

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