Office of Former Governor Nikki Haley, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Nikki Haley continues to demonstrate her anti-life views for the world to see.

While she still claims to be “Pro-Life” – her digs at Pro-Lifers tell a different story. 

And yet again Nikki Haley used the presidential debate to throw Pro-Lifers under the bus without a second thought.

Haley throws a bone to “pro-choice” voters

Nikki Haley still calls herself a “conservative” . . . 

. . . yet she continues to stab Pro-Life conservatives in the back.

In her latest act of betrayal, she used the debate stage to throw a bone to “pro-choice” voters – hoping they’d be impressed by her weak stand for life.

“As much as I’m pro-life, I don’t judge anyone for being pro-choice, and I don’t want them to judge me for being pro-life,” Haley said.

“Let’s find consensus.” She continued.

“We don’t need to divide America over this issue anymore,” Haley further added to take another stab at Pro-Lifers.

There’s no “consensus” to defending unborn babies

Yet again, Nikki Haley shows how out of touch she is with conservative Pro-Lifers.

When it comes to defending unborn babies – there is no “consensus” – as the radical leftists seeking to gain power want abortion on demand for any reason.

Meanwhile, Pro-Lifers believe a baby is a life at conception – and they defend the right for every baby to be born.

Haley’s suggestion to “compromise” on life hoping she can walk the middle ground won’t win her votes from either Party.

In fact, all it does is further alienate conservatives against her. 

Haley continues her crusade against Pro-Lifers

But Haley wasn’t done pandering to pro-abortion voters – she continued to bash Pro-Lifers.

Many presidential candidates had reiterated their support for an abortion ban – but not Nikki Haley.

She continued to dodge the issue – claiming it would never pass.

When asked if she would support an abortion ban, Haley was nonchalant and said she’d support “anything that would pass”.

“I would support anything that would pass. But you have to be honest with the American people,” Haley said.

“I would sign anything that would get 60 Senate votes. Don’t make the American people think you’re going to push something on them when you don’t even have the votes in the Senate,” Haley continued.

She then continued on her rant claiming the abortion issue is a “personal issue” for every woman and man.

Instead of standing up for life and advocating for unborn babies – Haley took a softball approach and tried to dodge the question while trying to still appeal to pro-aborts and Pro-Lifers.

But Haley’s strategy is a losing one.

When it comes to the issue of life – one either believes a baby is a life that is worthy of defending and protecting – or they don’t.

There is no middle ground. 

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