Nikki Haley’s anti-life playbook for the GOP will destroy the Pro-Life movement forever

Office of Former Governor Nikki Haley, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Political parties are empty vessels – which is why the candidates who run for office in each Party really matter.

And Nikki Haley is a prime example of how a bad candidate can really hurt a party.

You’ll be horrified once you learn of Nikki Haley’s anti-life playbook for the GOP that will destroy the Pro-Life movement forever.

Nikki Haley is the definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Nimarata Nikki Randhawa Haley holds her cards close to the chest – but she’s slipping bigtime.

Her blinding political ambition has led her to say different things to different folks depending on where she is campaigning.

In one breath she calls herself “Pro-Life” . . .

. . . yet in the next she throws a bone to leftist pro-aborts claiming Republicans need to come to a consensus with the left on abortion.

She’ll tell Iowa conservatives she supports protecting girls against “transgender” men in bathrooms . . .

. . . but then forget to mention that she killed the bill in her own state to make it happen.

And now – she’s provided the ultimate template for the political establishment to use to silence the conservative voice. 

Should Republicans cave on abortion?

Nikki Haley thinks so.

While strong Pro-Lifers like Ron DeSantis have proven holding the line when it comes to life is a winning strategy – other moderates have a different view.

Haley has distanced herself as a hardcore Pro-Lifer – and continues to utter out phrases such as we shouldn’t “judge anyone” for being pro-choice.

And GOP moderates are loving it.

Iowa Republican David Kochel has worked on campaigns for candidates such as Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

Enough said.

Kochel loves how Haley continues to pretend to be a Pro-Lifer yet still throws pro-abortion activists a bone.

On X Kochel wrote “Given what we’ve seen post-Dobbs I think @NikkiHaley’s answer on abortion should be taught in GOP campaign schools. It’s pitch perfect imo.”

Banishing the Pro-Life voice

If GOP hacks like Nikki Haley and David Kochel have their way – Pro-Lifers will be silenced forever.

“It feels like everyone’s kind of heading in the same direction, and it’s toward the position Nikki has articulated from the beginning,” Kochel said.

Kochel continued “Haley had the answer that most Republicans should be learning how to articulate, because it makes so much sense … We need people in our coalition who have diverse opinions about abortion,” Politico reported. 

But “diverse opinions” on abortion means compromise.

And when it comes to defending innocent life – there is no room for “meeting in the middle”.

Either one believes a baby is an innocent life that deserves protecting, or they don’t.

But candidates like Nikki Haley who play both sides will only hurt the Pro-Life cause conservatives have dedicated their life to protecting.

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