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The Catholic church believes life begins at conception.

But residents of one state were shocked to see a pro-abortion billboard – sponsored by “pro-choice” Catholics.

And once you learn what these so-called “Catholics” were promoting in Jesus’ name – you’re bound to be steaming mad. 

“Pro-Choice Catholics” launch pro-abortion billboards

Hoping to influence Ohio’s election and pass Issue 1 which would enshrine abortion into Ohio’s constitution, a group called “Catholics for Choice” launched a despicable billboard campaign.

Even though the Catholic church believes life begins at conception, the radical pro-abortion “Catholics for Choice” launched a billboard blitz with 30 billboards throughout Ohio in favor of abortion.

The billboards read “Pro-choice Catholics: you are not alone. Vote Yes on Issue 1.” “63% of Catholics support legal abortion in all or most cases.”

This deceitful message is not only false – but it’s unconscionable that those who claim to be followers of Jesus would launch a campaign in His name. 

Their propaganda campaign worked

Sadly, it appears the radical pro-abortion group got their wish.

The once Pro-Life Buckeye State voted yes to pass Issue 1 enshrining abortion into Ohio’s state constitution.

Gone are the Pro-Life laws that protected unborn babies.

These “pro-choice Catholics” have joined forces with darkness and helped sexual predators and abortion giants like Planned Parenthood execute their radical pro-abortion agenda.

It’s truly shameful.

Using the Catholic brand to push abortion

Although the Catholic church does not support abortion – Catholics for Choice uses the Catholic name to push their radical agenda.

On their website Catholics for Choice states “Everyone deserves equal access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services, including safe and legal abortion. The majority of Catholics believe that abortion should be legal. When navigating Catholic teachings on abortion, your conscience is the ultimate authority.”

Of course, this is complete propaganda.

The Bible teaches life begins at conception, and it is God who determines the authority on life – not the “conscience” of an individual.

“Giving a woman a legal right to have control and agency over her body translates to other aspects of her life, namely her freedom to claim political, economic, and social autonomy. The bishops reject the notion that women are equal to men. So how could they possibly support any right that would lead women into that kind of power and liberty?” said Jamie L. Manson, President of Catholics for Choice.

But the truth is – the blood of all the unborn babies whose lives will end due to the new constitutional amendment in Ohio will be on the hands of Catholics for Choice.

Their billboard blitz campaign worked and they got their wish – and it’s a tragedy so many innocent babies will die due to their deceitful campaign. 

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