One couple’s dedication to helping teens in foster care will bring tears to your eyes

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Many children spend their lives in the foster care system – and are passed from home to home.

And when they turn 18 – even though they are legally an adult, many of these young teens still have developmental issues and layers of emotional trauma.

One Florida couple realized kicking foster teens to the curb wasn’t the best path forward – and what they did next for these teens will bring tears to your eyes.

The startling statistics

The National Foster Youth Institute reports 23,000 teens age out of foster care each year.

Sadly, it’s estimated roughly 20 percent of them have no place to go – so they end up homeless and on the streets.

Since they did not grow up in a typical home and learn basic life skills – many of the teens never learned how to prepare to care for themselves or hold down a job.

Jason Cook was in the foster program until he was 18 – and then he learned the brutal reality of aging out of the system.

Cook recalled “They just throw you out into the real world. They just say you’re an adult now,” Fox 13 News reported.

Forgotten Angels

One Florida couple was heartbroken at what was happening to these young teens – so they decided to do something about it.

Cindy Tilley and David Tyler started a non-profit called Forgotten Angels which helps at-risk youth who age out of the system.

Their website states children are taken into their home where they can learn life skills they were never taught.

Forgotten Angels wrote “We provide them with the opportunity to complete their high school education, plan for continuing education or skills training, own and custom renovate a tiny home, get a job, open a bank account, build credit, purchase a vehicle, and have the care, love, and guidance they never had from their legal foster caregivers while helping them plan for a more successful future.”


Instead of letting 18-year-old teens roam free on the streets and get into trouble, they are in a safe place where they can learn the necessary skills to support themselves in the future.

A heart for those in need

Speaking to ABC News, Tilley spoke about the heart behind the mission.

“A lot of the kids that we get that are coming out of foster care, or they’re at risk, or they’ve been homeless, they don’t have their high school diploma, their GED, their driver’s license, they don’t have any of these things.”

“So it’s so important that they end up in a place like Forgotten Angels because you have to move them forward in a positive way, or they’re going to be out there on the streets homeless. And that’s no place for kids to be,” Tilley continued.

What a beautiful ministry!

Those in the foster system have had a tough life – and this incredible ministry gives these teens a chance to know they are loved and not alone.

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