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The Left claims abortion is about “healthcare” and protecting “women’s rights.”

But this is a lie.

And one former clinic employee just exposed the disturbing truth about abortion funds.

The abortion lobby will never come right out and admit that abortion is murder.

Instead, they dress abortion up in nice-sounding words like “compassionate” and “loving.”

On the surface, the abortion lobby presents itself to the public as supporting women’s empowerment.

But a look under the hood of the industry shows the abortion lobby is really motivated by cash.

Known as the “abortion queen,” Diane Derzis has been running abortion mills since the 1970s.

Derzis previously ran the infamous Pink House that was part of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

But according to a former employee of Derzis, Stephanie Rosenwinge, the Abortion Queen is motivated by greed.

Rosenwinge was excited for the opportunity to work for and learn under the Abortion Queen.

“The first time I met her, I told her, ‘For me, this is like meeting a movie star,’” Rosenwinge said. “For me, it’s like meeting my hero.”

But that soon changed.

“She was alarmed, she said, when Derzis told staff to cut back on financial aid information they were giving patients — and later, when she instructed them to make sure that patients were paying at least something out-of-pocket, even if abortion funds had agreed to cover that person’s entire bill,” Statnews reported. “She said, ‘I want these patients to have some skin in the game, they shouldn’t be fully funded.’”

Rosenwinge was not the only employee stunned by Derzis’ behavior.

“Us on the frontline, seeing patients, seeing their emotion, seeing how much they struggle, we are witnessing how terrible it might be for them,” Olivia Nickels, who also quit her job at Bristol Women’s Health in June, said. “So being told not to provide [full] financial assistance information to those patients was a stab in the gut, to be totally honest.”

When confronted over the allegations, Derzis admitted she was motivated by money.

“I’m just saying we’re a business,” Derzis said. “There are costs involved in running the businesses.”

Derzis complained about “free abortions” even though that’s allegedly what the funds are created to provide.

“They were having women have free abortions,” she said. “They are not only using all the money, but every woman did not need to have financial assistance,” she continued, before adding that “the purpose of funding was to make sure there was money there for people who needed that.”

Of course, the Pro-Life community has long pointed out how the abortion lobby is motivated by greed.

After all, in an undercover video filmed by the Center for Medical Progress, a Senior Planned Parenthood official said “I want a Lamborghini” when discussing selling body parts of aborted babies for cash.

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