One horrified Democrat has a plan to stop Governor Whitmer’s radical anti-life agenda

City of Detroit, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons

Governor Whitmer is determined to ram through her pro-abortion agenda.

Her extreme anti-life views will ensure countless unborn babies will be killed – yet she refuses to stop her assault on unborn babies.

But one lonely Democrat is fed up with Whitmer’s radical anti-life agenda and has a new plan to stop her dead in her tracks.

A pro-abortion Democrat turns on Whitmer

Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett supports abortion.

She’s even had one herself.

But Governor Whitmer’s abortion agenda is so extreme – even pro-abortion Democrats like Rep. Whitsett are trying to stop it.

Rep. Whitsett broke rank and sided with seven Republican members of the Health Policy Committee against the “Reproductive Health Act” (RHA) . . .

. . . which is just another name for 11 pro-abortion bills that would expand abortion.

For a pro-abortion Democrat to actually speak out against legislation – it must be pretty bad.

Whitmer wants immediate abortion

Whitsett said she disagrees with two major portions of the “Reproductive Health Act”.

The first is using Medicaid to pay for abortions and the second is eliminating the one day waiting period for women seeking to kill their child, reported Live Action.

“I do not think it is too much to ask when someone’s terminating a life, a 24-hour pause to be able to say for sure this is a decision you want to make,” said Whitsett.

And she’s exactly right.

Governor Whitmer is so eager for women to kill their babies – she doesn’t even want to ensure they have at least 24 hours to think about it!

Some women who might choose abortion based on emotion or fear, might change their minds after talking with a trusted friend or family member.

Whitmer knows it, so she wants to allow women to immediately kill their babies without a second thought.

Leftists are losing their minds

Once Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups learned Whitsett was not on board with their plan – they began attacking her.

Instead of respecting that she had a different view . . .

. . . or even perhaps taking a second look at the “Reproductive Health Act” and realizing it’s too extreme – they decided to attack her instead.

Michigan Planned Parenthood posted on X a hit piece urging residents to blow up her office with phone calls and emails.

“If State Rep. Whitsett votes in opposition to the RHA, she will be solely responsible for the continued enforcement of dozens of anti-abortion restrictions across the state that disproportionately harm people of color and those struggling to make ends meet,” Michigan Planned Parenthood wrote.

Although Whitsett is a black woman herself, and it’s ridiculous to accuse her of “harming people of color” – the smear tactics of the Left aren’t surprising.

The abortion lobby wants to push abortion on demand everywhere and anywhere – and if someone dares speak out against them or try to slow them down – they will do anything to silence dissent.

Governor Whitmer’s extreme abortion views aren’t wanted in Michigan – and let’s hope a member of her own Party can finally stop her.

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