One state used dirty tricks to advance their anti-life agenda and residents are losing their minds

Abortion activists are determined to put abortion on the ballot.

But one group took things too far.

And now the dirty tricks of one pro-abortion group have been exposed and residents are losing their minds.

Determined to kill babies

Ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortion activists have been scrambling to find new methods to ensure women can kill their babies.

Some resort to smuggling women across state lines into abortion-friendly states . . . 

. . . or even working with illegals to purchase abortion drugs from Mexico.

Others are using ballot initiatives to codify abortion into their state constitution . . . 

. . . terrifying women to vote for the measure or risk having their “rights” forever banished.

But in order to get a ballot initiative, a certain signature threshold must be met.

And in South Dakota, the pro-abortion group “Dakotans for Health” boasted they had enough signatures to put abortion on the ballot.

Dakotans for Health Chairman Rick Weiland boasted the group collected 55,000 signatures – 25,000 more than the required 35,017 needed, South Dakota Searchlight reported.

Except Life Defense Fund claimed the signatures were obtained in a deceptive manner and threatened legal action.

Lies, trickery, and deceit

Life-Defense Fund Co-Chair Leslee Unruh said her volunteers witnessed firsthand the “lies and deception” as Dakotans for Health mobilized people to get signatures.

Unruh claimed people were being told they were signing a “food tax petition” instead of signing their name to get abortion on the ballot, South Dakota Searchlight reported.

“And we have hundreds of hours’ worth of video. We can’t wait to get to court,” Unruh said.

While it’s tragic anyone would sign their name to a petition to help legalize the killing of unborn babies – it’s horrifying to think people signed their name thinking they were protesting food taxes when in reality they were signing an abortion petition. 

But that’s how the Left works.

They seek to confuse and deceive others, knowing it’s the only way they can advance their agenda.

Abortionists get rich while women suffer

The only people benefiting from legalized abortion are the abortionists themselves.

Women who get abortions are left with emotional scars – and often battered and bruised bodies.

Yet somehow, the abortion lobby has deceived all their supporters and convinced them that promoting abortion is standing up for “women’s rights.”

The abortion lobby has hijacked once solid Pro-Life states like Ohio, and now they are gunning for South Dakota.

And the truth is, they will not stop until every state in America has codified abortion into their state constitution.

Pro-Lifers must continue to stay vigilant and alert – as the battle for life is only starting to heat up.  

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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