One top Pro-Life leader says abortion vending machines are even worse than it sounds

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The radical pro-abortion lobby is working double-time to promote more killing.

And they are even pushing the use of vending machines to provide chemical abortion drugs to teenagers.

But now one top Pro-Life leader says abortion vending machines are even worse than it sounds.

The recent obsession by the pro-abortion industry with putting Plan B Vending Machines on college and university campuses is as disturbing as it sounds.

Actually, according to Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America (SFLA), it’s even worse than it sounds.

Even Barack Obama opposed it 

According to Hawkins, “An anti-baby, anti-family bias permeates many campuses exposing students to risks and dangers they are either not told about or told to ignore.”

And Hawkins warns that the abortion vending machine craze is a bad idea that is gaining traction.

That’s why Students for Life of America “has confronted from sea to shining sea, in Florida, Massachusetts, Washington and beyond.” 

The nation’s top Pro-Life organization has created a Toolkit for students who are worried about their fellow students. 

Fox News reports, “There are now 39 universities in 17 states with emergency contraceptive vending machines, and at least 20 more considering them, according to the American Society for Emergency Contraception.”

This problem isn’t new. 

Such reckless distribution of Plan B was even opposed by then President Barack Obama, who worried about selling such drugs like candy to young girls who “may not be able to understand the medicine’s labeling or use the pill properly.” 

But that isn’t stopping the abortion industry from pushing the drugs now.

Have a coke and an abortion

Colleges and universities are actively promoting life-ending drugs right next to the soda machine to help wash them down.

They have joined with the abortion lobby to preach to women and girls that the only “bad” consequence of sex is a baby. 

According to Hawkins, this leads to the very casual distribution of the drugs which also “expose young women to dangerous people, to unknown physical consequences, and to the current epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).”  

Hawkins points out that it’s “a bit schizophrenic for campuses to condemn rape culture and sexual pressure, grappling with Title IX protections for the abused, while also ensuring that sexual bullies have easy access to a product that covers up their crimes.” 

And she derides the industry’s lack of clear warnings about the effects of the drug.

“Usually, healthcare providers tell you about what drugs will do to you . . . unless, apparently, it impacts your fertility. Women should know that right on the box, it’s explained Plan B can prevent a new life from implanting in the womb, notes the Mayo Clinic,” Hawkins said. 

Hawkins continued, “It’s tragically fascinating to see an acne drug, Accutane, so closely controlled because it can impact the preborn, while medical professionals hide from the scientific reality of how Plan B or a copper IUD (also used in a Plan B like way, according to the CDC) can end young life.” 

“When it comes to sex, school officials seem determined to assume that while teaching the next generation is their job of choice, they can’t explain good relationship advice or health information that doesn’t embrace a Planned Parenthood mindset,” Hawkins added. “Plan B Vending machines are a mistake that colleges don’t have to make.”

Taking action

For all these reasons and more, SFLA has created a Toolkit to “equip students to Oppose Plan B Vending Machines that Expose their Peers to Risks from Abusers to Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases.”

“Part of our back-to-school preparations includes getting ready to educate students on how to confront the many bad ideas Planned Parenthood brings to campus,” Hawkins said. “Pushing deadly drugs that expose students to known and deadly risks next to candy and soda is a mistake no university needs to make. Medical care demands caring about what happens next.” 

To defeat the pro-abortion industry it is vital that Pro-Life groups join SFLA in fighting at every level.  

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.