Oregon pro-life group gets creative in the fight to defend preborn babies … and Planned Parenthood isn’t happy about it

Long-time pro-lifers know that sometimes you have to get creative in the fight for life. . .

And in the face of adversity, some pro-life groups are doing just that.

This Oregon pro-life group got creative in their fight to defend the preborn.

A pro-life organization in Oregon is using a BUS to save babies . . . and Planned Parenthood isn’t happy about it! 

Stanton Healthcare’s mobile clinic has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering life-affirming alternatives to abortion in the face of staunch opposition.

Deployed to Ontario, Oregon, on the very day that Planned Parenthood unveiled its deadly abortion facility, Stanton Healthcare’s 36-foot mobile clinic has become a symbol of resistance against the culture of death. 

Nestled on the border of Idaho, just a stone’s throw away from Boise, this mobile clinic has been a lifeline for countless women in crisis, providing essential healthcare services and compassionate support.

In an exclusive interview with The Christian Post, Stanton CEO Brandi Swindell revealed the overwhelming support the mobile clinic has garnered from the local community:

“We’ve been able to build just a beautiful collaboration with businesses, churches, individuals, all coming together to make sure that the needs of women are met there in Ontario.”

But the road hasn’t been easy. 

Despite facing fierce opposition from Planned Parenthood, including attempts to have the mobile clinic removed by local law enforcement, Stanton Healthcare remains undeterred. 

As Swindell asserts, the community’s unwavering support has been instrumental in thwarting Planned Parenthood’s agenda:

“One thing that has definitely happened is that they do not have a lot of community support there in Ontario. They’ve had trouble keeping what would be typical operational hours and that’s because they’re not getting the staffing that they need.”

But the fight for life extends beyond mere opposition to abortion. 

It’s about offering real solutions and genuine support to women facing crisis pregnancies. 

With the establishment of a pop-up maternity and baby supply boutique in downtown Ontario, Stanton Healthcare is providing tangible resources and a message of hope to mothers in need:

“At our baby boutique, we were able to do our pop-up boutiques and do that wellness aspect of our care specifically for those important things like diapers and wipes and baby clothes and maternity supplies, all that kind of stuff that’s really critical.”

As the mobile clinic gears up for its triumphant return, it stands as a testament to the power of grassroots activism and unwavering faith. 

While Planned Parenthood may boast of its abortion empire, the tide is turning in favor of life, one community at a time.

In the face of adversity, Stanton Healthcare remains steadfast in its commitment to defending the sanctity of human life. 

While many pro-choice advocates want to claim that pro-lifers oppose abortion without offering concrete solutions, here is an example that shakes that argument to its core. 

The Stanton bus initiative is living proof that pro-lifers are willing to get creative and to work hard when the lives of babies and the health of their mothers are on the line! 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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