PBS made a bogus connection between abortion and domestic violence that will leave you steaming mad 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The abortion lobby is determined to push the narrative that abortion “saves lives” . . .

. . . but now they’ve resorted to the unthinkable. 

And once you hear about the bogus connection between abortion and domestic violence being marketed to women you’ll be steaming mad.

Exploiting domestic violence victims to push abortion

Domestic violence is serious, and any woman in an abusive situation needs help and support.

But now, the abortion lobby is exploiting vulnerable domestic abuse victims, claiming that being pregnant and not getting an abortion “leads to abuse.”

In yet another excuse to push the killing of unborn babies, PBS NewsHour claimed getting an abortion “reduces domestic violence” . . .

. . . hinting pregnant moms should get an abortion to “avoid abuse.”


The faulty connection

PBS starts off telling the story of a woman who was in an abusive relationship claiming while the abusive man “promised to change” . . .

. . . once she told him she was pregnant he started acting abusive again.

While the man clearly had a pattern of abuse, the article makes the faulty connection that because the woman was pregnant, the man became violent.

The truth is, an abuser is an abuser.

If he abused her before she was pregnant – it’s not surprising he’s abusing her again.

Contradicting statements

The article continues to say abusers exert “reproductive control” such as sabotaging or refusing to use birth control . . . 

. . . forcing the partner to “become pregnant” in order to control them. 

Abuse is always wrong, and any woman who is experiencing sexual, emotional, or physical violence needs help.

But telling women the solution to their abuse involves killing their baby – or even planting the seed to suggest Pro-Life laws lead to abuse is false.

What the “data” says

Maeve Wallace who is a reproductive epidemiologist at Tulane University’s Violence Prevention Institute claims being pregnant could lead to homicide.

“Pregnancy itself is a risk factor for homicide,” Wallace claimed.

“Everything we know from existing data suggests there’s a relationship between availability of abortion and women’s risk for fatal violence,” continued Wallace.

Wallace claimed that since Roe v. Wade was overturned, and women have “limited” access to abortion, that they face danger now and, in the future, should they become pregnant.

Instead of spending time scaring women that being pregnant will lead to violence . . . 

. . . perhaps the effort should be focused on helping women make healthy choices when entering relationships and to identify the signs of abuse so they can get out and get help.

Domestic violence is never acceptable and is a serious problem that needs attention – but suggesting the solution is to kill one’s baby only leaves women in dangerous situations – and forces them to endure additional trauma from ending their pregnancy. 

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