Pennsylvania’s Governor just delivered Pro-Lifers a devastating blow they never saw coming

University of Toronto Students for Life, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The radical Left’s push to shut down Pro-Life clinics is in full swing.

Now they are trying to use the power of the purse strings to end their work.

And Pennsylvania’s Governor just delivered Pro-Lifers a devastating blow they never saw coming.

Pennsylvania’s radical Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro has announced that he is terminating the Commonwealth’s contract with an organization that supports Pro-Life pregnancy centers across Pennsylvania.

Taxpayers will continue to fund abortions, not alternatives 

And when Shapiro’s move takes effect’ – And while Shapiro’s move, takes effect on December 31, it will end state funding for pregnancy centers that offer alternatives to abortion, and taxpayers will continue funding Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills.

The Governor’s announcement affects Real Alternatives, a Pennsylvania-based organization that supports Pro-Life pregnancy centers to offer alternatives to abortion for pregnant women.

Real Alternatives is a highly respected and effective organization that has received state funding for 30 years.

But none of that matters to the Shapiro administration, which is more interested in doing the bidding of the pro-abortion lobby than it is in actually helping women. 

“For decades, taxpayer dollars have gone to fund Real Alternatives. My Administration will not continue that pattern – we will ensure women in this Commonwealth receive the reproductive health care they deserve,” Governor Shapiro said in a statement announcing the change.

Of course, he conveniently ignored the forced taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

That funding, which results in the deaths of tens of thousands of children, will go on.

Shapiro campaigned as a pro-abortion champion in his run for the Governor’s office against Pro-Life Republican Doug Mastriano.

And he said he would “be steadfast in defending that right.”

That includes shutting down any alternatives to abortion as well.

Pennsylvania becomes the second of the three states where Real Alternatives operates to defund the organization. 

In 2019, radical Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer defunded the organization. 

Meanwhile, Indiana continues to allocate state funding to Real Alternatives.

Celebrating a culture of death

Not surprisingly, the radical Left and abortion lobby celebrated Gov. Shapiro’s anti-life actions. 

“In a post-Roe world, we can’t settle for state funding of CPCs,” Planned Parenthood PA Advocates Executive Director Signe Espinoza said in a statement Thursday. “We deserve the freedom and the privacy to make our most intimate health care decisions with our doctors and without the predatory influence of anti-abortion counseling.” 

In other words, Planned Parenthood can’t stand the thought of anyone helping women with their health unless it involves killing a child.

And Tara Murtha, director of strategic communications for the radical pro-abortion Women’s Law Project, said her organization is grateful to the Shapiro administration for taking “bold action.”

“The Shapiro Administration has pushed Pennsylvania into the right side of history by announcing the termination of funding to Real Alternatives,” Murtha said. “The people of Pennsylvania, medical experts, reproductive health advocates, and government accountability watchdogs who have been demanding accountability have been heard today.” 

Well, everyone who supports the murder of the pre-born has been heard, as for advocates of life, they are being shut down.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.