Planned Parenthood caught on video grooming young girls to do this behind their parents’ backs

The All-Nite Images from NY, NY, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

In a spine-chilling revelation, the second installment of Project Veritas’ exposé unmasks one of Planned Parenthood’s sinister strategies.

The Abortion Goliath not only continues to push a radical pro-abortion agenda, but now it’s blatantly trying to take advantage of minors.

And this video shows just how far Planned Parenthood is willing to go to get young girls to do this behind their parents’ backs.

Project Veritas recently revealed that Planned Parenthood appears to be coaching minor girls to obtain abortions without parental involvement. 

This realization exposes a dark underbelly of the abortion giant’s operations and gives reason to question the depths Planned Parenthood will go to conceal their actions.

In a strategized operation, an undercover pro-life journalist posed as the father of a minor girl seeking an abortion, and he has since revealed alarming admissions from abortion center employees. 

Corina, a nurse at the Maple Women’s Health Center in Dallas, casually mentioned how abortions are funded through government plans, ensuring no cash transactions and no need for documentation of relation to the minor.

Even more shocking is the revelation that a 13-year-old girl can seek an abortion without her parents present, as confirmed by Corina. 

This deliberate effort to keep parents unaware of their daughter’s life-altering decision raises serious concerns among pro-life advocates.

The video exposes the lengths Planned Parenthood goes to circumvent state laws, particularly in Missouri and Texas, where strict regulations on abortion exist. 

Emily, managing director of a Planned Parenthood facility in Kansas City, details an elaborate system to facilitate abortions for minor girls without parental consent. 

This involves a legal workaround known as a “judicial bypass,” where girls can petition a judge to obtain an abortion without involving their parents.

What’s more alarming is the involvement of “coaching organizations” that train minor girls on obtaining abortions secretly. 

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist, reveals the sinister training provided to employees. 

These “coaching organizations” equip girls with scripts to read to judges during Zoom sessions, citing fears of parental shunning as a common reason for seeking secretive abortions.

Abby Johnson exposes the shocking reality: “Every girl says the exact same thing in front of, probably, the exact same judge. And the judge says, OK, sounds good.” 

This standardized approach to obtaining judicial consent for secret abortions raises ethical concerns about the manipulation of the legal system to further Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

The pro-life activist emphasizes that this covert process occurs daily in school systems across the country, underscoring the alarming reality that some states, like New York and Oregon, don’t even require judicial bypass for minors as young as 13.

This revelation follows Project Veritas’ earlier report exposing Planned Parenthood’s efforts to evade pro-life laws, where a facility in Missouri was shown to assist minor girls in crossing state lines for abortions without parental notification.

For pro-lifers, this revelation is a stark reminder of the need for vigilance in safeguarding parental rights and protecting vulnerable young lives. 

The video lays bare Planned Parenthood’s deceptive tactics, prompting a call to action for increased scrutiny and stringent regulations to ensure the well-being of minors facing unplanned pregnancies.

As the pro-life community processes these shocking revelations, one thing is clear: the fight for the sanctity of life and the protection of parental rights is more crucial than ever.

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