Planned Parenthood “consultant” made a shocking claim about “transgender” babies

Photo by Alexander Grey from Pexels

Planned Parenthood is in bed with LGBT activists. 

But it is worse than you could have ever imagined.

And this Planned Parenthood “consultant” made a shocking claim about “transgender” babies.

It all leads back to Planned Parenthood 

Abortionist Dr. Michelle Forcier is proud of her resume, which includes working for “a number of Planned Parenthoods” over the past 20 years and helping them with abortions and “gender affirming” hormone and “care plans.”

Forcier boasted about her pro-abortion creds, as if slaying unborn babies for a living and leading a little child to question their gender is something honorable.

“Babies know their gender”

Like most LGBT activists, Forcier thinks sex and gender are two different things.

Forcier believes that while a person could be born with biological male or female parts and “assigned a gender” . . .

. . . that the “assigned gender” could be different from their “true gender.”

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh interviewed Forcier in the documentary “What is a Woman?” and Forcier’s words were shocking.

She claimed some kids “figure out their gender” really early, and that at a young age some kids know their gender doesn’t “match what they’ve been assigned at birth.”

Planned Parenthood is thirsty to make a buck and they will do whatever it takes

Personnel is policy, and the employees and “consultants” at Planned Parenthood continue to reveal their anti-life agenda in grotesque ways.

They’ll do anything to destroy the traditional family unit – whether it’s convincing a young pregnant mom to abort her baby . . .

. . . or giving hormone drugs to kids to confuse them and lead them to believe they’ve been born the wrong “gender.”

Pro-Lifers stand like a beacon of light and hope for America’s children

As Pro-Lifers, it’s critical to care about a child’s well-being not only from the moment of conception . . . 

. . . but all the way through their precious childhood. 

Sadly, abortionists hope that by lying to children they can gain more support for their wicked agenda.

And where does it end?

If the pro-abortion movement claims babies “know their gender” soon after they are born, are they going to claim next babies “know their gender” while in the womb?

It’s complete madness!

Pro-Lifers are the straight line that refuses to accept the “reality” of the LGBT and abortion movement – and stands like a beacon of light showcasing the truth.

LGBT activists and the anti-life crowd may continue to team up together to push their agenda, which is why more than ever the Pro-Life movement needs to hold the line and not move – no matter what.

The lives of future generations depend on what happens today, and the world is watching. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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