Planned Parenthood has partnered with these colleges to implement this devastating new policy

hattiesburgmemory, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Not surprisingly, liberal colleges across America have locked arms with Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood and its pals in the Abortion Lobby are working overtime to spread misinformation to young impressionable college students so they can keep the money flowing in.

And now, Planned Parenthood has partnered with these colleges to implement this devastating new policy.

A new law mandating public college campuses to dispense abortion pills has taken effect in Massachusetts, plunging the state into the depths of pro-abortion extremism. 

As Governor Maura Healey’s administration rolled out an abortion “toolkit” last November, a dark partnership with Planned Parenthood has emerged. 

Pro-life Americans are left concerned about the erosion of values and the sanctity of life, especially on college campuses, among a young and vulnerable population.

Ann Scales, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, confirmed that all 29 public institutions have submitted their “abortion readiness” plans, as dictated by the law. 

The move has set a precedent for pro-abortion forces to infiltrate educational institutions, with Planned Parenthood explicitly named in the legislation as a key partner. 

Alarming reports reveal that universities like Fitchburg State University and Holyoke Community College have already aligned themselves with Planned Parenthood in implementing this controversial law.

Megan Cawley, a regional coordinator for Students for Life of America, expressed deep concern over the implications of the law. 

She warned that these abortion pills not only terminate a preborn child but also pose significant risks to the health, safety, and fertility of female students. 

Cawley emphasized that instead of pushing for more abortion access, college campuses and the state should prioritize supporting young women in ways that genuinely enhance their well-being.

Massachusetts, post the fall of Roe v. Wade, has emerged as a pro-abortion stronghold, embracing extreme measures to expand abortion access. 

Last year, the state established a pro-abortion hotline, and then-Governor Charlie Baker codified abortion into state law in direct response to the overturning of Roe

Abortion advocacy groups have fervently worked to make Massachusetts an “abortion haven,” collaborating with other states in the New England region to push a radical pro-abortion agenda.

The assault on pro-life values in Massachusetts has extended to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), charitable organizations that provide crucial support to women and families choosing alternatives to abortion. 

Despite their vital role, these centers have faced relentless attacks. 

In one city, attempts were made to coerce PRCs into providing referrals for abortion, while the state House approved a $1 million smear campaign against them. 

The attorney general has also actively discouraged women from seeking help from PRCs, underscoring a concerning prioritization of abortion over comprehensive support for women.

As Planned Parenthood tightens its grip on college campuses, the implications for the future are unsettling. 

The mandate to dispense abortion pills not only endangers the lives of unborn children but also puts the well-being of young women at risk. 

The agenda-driven approach of the abortion lobby, symbolized by the “abortion readiness plans,” reveals a chilling disregard for women’s true welfare and a laser focus on expanding the reach of abortion.

Pro-life Americans must stand vigilant against the encroachment of such extreme measures that compromise the core values of life, family, and morality. 

The battle for the sanctity of life and the protection of women’s well-being is more critical than ever, as Planned Parenthood seeks to extend its influence into the heart of education, potentially shaping a future where the culture of life is overshadowed by a culture of death.

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