Planned Parenthood is in hot water after discriminating against one woman for this shocking reason

Planned Parenthood insists they are “pro woman.” 

But their actions tell a different story.

And now Planned Parenthood is in hot water after discriminating against one woman for this shocking reason.

Planned Parenthood employees were “offended”

One disabled woman had been going to her local Planned Parenthood for over a decade.

But she was shocked to receive a letter claiming she was no longer allowed to come back.

The woman referred to as “Jane Lane” received a letter from Trish Tashjian, the Chief Operating Officer of Planned Parenthood Keystone which claimed they were “no longer available” to serve as her healthcare provider.

But what would cause Planned Parenthood to actually deny a woman service?

As it turns out, Jane Lane wore shirts to Planned Parenthood that employees found “offensive,” Reduxx reported.

But what was so “offensive” about Jane’s shirts?

They weren’t laced with racial slurs or profanities – but simply had phrases such as “Make Women Female Again” and “100% Natural, Woman, Female Original.”

Apparently, being proud of one’s biological gender is now “offensive”.

Pure madness! 

Not “inclusive” enough

TTExulansic posted the insane letter to X.

In the letter, Planned Parenthood claimed the dismissal was due to “repeated conversations and symbols that contradict our commitment to creating an inclusive and compassionate environment for both staff and patients.”


In her letter, Tashjian wrote to Jane and said, “Numerous complaints from staff members have been received, and a recent complaint from a patient regarding your anti-trans and transphobic rhetoric and symbols has been brought to our attention.”

Planned Parenthood literally thinks wearing a shirt promoting pride in being a woman is offensive!

Of course, if someone claimed they were “offended” by Planned Parenthood’s LGBT position – Planned Parenthood would do nothing.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about being “inclusive”.

They only care about silencing those who don’t promote their agenda or dare to disagree.

A glaring double standard

The Left insists conservatives must bow down to their LGBT gods or else.

Christians and conservatives are no longer “allowed” to promote marriage between one man and one woman” or they are viewed as “hostile.”

Pro-Lifers who fight to protect unborn babies are labeled as “not caring about woman’s rights.”

Those who reject diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs are called “racist.”

Yet leftist groups like Planned Parenthood are allowed to ban those who they disagree with.

The double standard couldn’t be more glaring.

Even more ironic, Jane has claimed that her biggest concern with the gender ideology is the danger it causes women.

“I am absolutely terrified of men in women’s spaces, the erosion of women’s rights, and the abuse of children that is all being done under the name of trans,” Jane told Reduxx.

She is apparently seeking legal action and has found “healthcare” elsewhere. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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