Planned Parenthood is in hot water after their laughing 911 call went public

If an abortionist has to call 911 – something is wrong. 

Really wrong.

And now Planned Parenthood is in hot water after their laughing 911 call went public. 

Mocking a woman’s pain

Every time a woman walks through the doors of an abortion provider, she is in danger.

Women mistakenly think Planned Parenthood is a “safe place” . . .

. . . but nothing could be further from the truth.

And when an abortion went wrong at a Planned Parenthood in Richmond, Virginia – Planned Parenthood employees had no choice but to call 911.

Operation Rescue reported the horrifying details of the 911 call where the injured women had already passed out and vomited.

Planned Parenthood told the 911 operator they suspected a uterine perforation. 

But as the 911 operator tried to get more details – Planned Parenthood employees were head laughing in the background.


They killed a baby and injured the mother in the process to such a degree they had to call 911 . . .

. . . and somehow, they think a life-threatening emergency is amusing.

Turn the sirens off

To add insult to injury, the Planned Parenthood employee instructed 911 dispatcher to have the paramedics arrive quietly.

“And if you can just not use your, um, sire…, your, you know, your sirens, the noise,” the Planned Parenthood employee asked the operator.

Typical Planned Parenthood.

A woman is bleeding out – but they are more concerned with trying to hide their botched abortion as to not draw attention to it.

After all, they know having ambulances show up at abortion centers paints the picture of suspicion.

As it should!

Thankfully, the 911 operator wasn’t about to be told what to do by Planned Parenthood. 

“Ok, so when it comes to the lights and sirens we are not allowed to tell them not to use them depending on how the call codes – that’s all on how it codes on their end when it goes to their system in the ambulance,” the 911 dispatcher fired back.

The most anti-women place of all

The abortion lobby continues to peddle their trunk full of lies, claiming crisis pregnancy centers are “anti-women.”

They scare voters into thinking if Donald Trump is elected, “women’s rights” will be destroyed.

But the only one who continues to harm women are the abortion centers and the politicians who give them cover.

Abortions are not safe.

Not only do they end the life of a beating heart . . . 

. . . but they continue to destroy the bodies of young girls who enter through their doors.

Pro-Life groups like Operation Rescue continue to expose Planned Parenthood for their shady operations.

And it’s going to take more than a few quiet sirens to hide their dirty deeds. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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