Planned Parenthood is SUING this pro-abortion blue state for one shocking reason

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm from Unsplash

Planned Parenthood says abortion is a constitutional right. 

They believe they should be able to operate as many clinics as they want. 

And they’re so adamant about it that they’re suing this pro-abortion blue state.

In a chilling move that underscores the far-reaching implications of California’s pro-abortion constitutional amendment, Planned Parenthood is leveraging its newfound legal standing to force the construction of a controversial abortion facility in Fontana. 

Despite a 4-1 vote by the Fontana City Council to halt construction temporarily, Planned Parenthood is crying foul, accusing the council of violating constitutional rights and obstructing access to reproductive health services. 

Pro-life conservatives are now facing the stark reality of an abortion giant manipulating state laws to override the will of local communities.

Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties (PPOSBC) has escalated the battle by filing a lawsuit, claiming that the Fontana City Council’s moratorium on construction infringes on citizens’ rights to abortion, contraception, and other reproductive health services. 

Jon Dunn, President and CEO of PPOSBC, asserted that the council’s actions were a deliberate denial of healthcare access, accusing them of wasting taxpayer resources to block a crucial health center. 

He cited Proposition 1, the state’s constitutional amendment, as the linchpin for Planned Parenthood’s legal argument.

“We did not want to be among the first organizations to file a lawsuit alleging violation of Californians’ constitutional rights under Proposition 1. However, we have chosen to defend the rights of our community members against the city of Fontana,” Dunn declared, framing the legal battle as a defense of community health rights.

The months leading up to the moratorium vote witnessed a fervent pro-life community in Fontana voicing vehement opposition to the proposed Planned Parenthood facility. 

Dunn pointed fingers at city council members, accusing them of succumbing to political pressure from a vocal pro-life minority that allegedly spread misinformation and influenced policy decisions based on ideology rather than facts.

“These efforts to block construction of a Planned Parenthood health center are not motivated by concern for the health of their citizens, but instead by political pressure from a small, vocal, out-of-touch special interest group,” Dunn asserted, deflecting blame onto the pro-life community.

Kelsey Pritchard, SBA Pro-Life America director of state public affairs, has issued a stark warning in response to the lawsuit, painting it as a precursor to a broader trend. 

Pritchard emphasized that states pursuing pro-abortion ballot measures, like California, open the floodgates for Planned Parenthood to exploit legal avenues to eliminate health regulations, curtail parental rights, and construct abortion facilities unimpeded. 

This lawsuit, according to Pritchard, serves as a tangible example of the abortion industry’s strategic endgame with ballot measures.

“Planned Parenthood can increase their financial gains by suing to eliminate all health regulations, end parental rights, and build new abortion facilities anytime, anywhere regardless of the will of the people in their own neighborhoods,” Pritchard warned, urging pro-lifers to remain vigilant in the face of an industry determined to override local opposition through legal maneuvers.

As the legal clash intensifies between Planned Parenthood and Fontana’s City Council, pro-lifers find themselves at the forefront of a battle for local autonomy and the preservation of deeply held values. 

The exploitation of California’s pro-abortion laws serves as a stark reminder that the fight against the abortion industry requires continued vigilance and strategic opposition. 

The outcome of this lawsuit may well set a precedent for similar battles across the nation as pro-abortion forces seek to entrench their agenda at the expense of community values and the sanctity of life.

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