Planned Parenthood is using AI technology in the most horrific way ever

Photo by Growtika from Unsplash

Planned Parenthood is so determined to help women kill their babies – they’ll use every tool available . . .

. . . even AI chatbots.

And once you learn how Planned Parenthood is using AI technology to push abortions, you’ll be downright horrified.

Meet “Charley” – the AI chatbot

Planned Parenthood feels they don’t have enough people helping women kill their babies – so they’ve enlisted the help of an AI chatbot named “Charley” to assist.

Created by Planned Parenthood executives, “Charley” helps vulnerable pregnant moms choose abortion by giving them a variety of different ways to kill their babies.

Of course, the chatbot does nothing to connect moms with resources to help them choose life.

Pushing illegal abortion drugs to teens

Sami Parker from Live Action tested out the chatbot to see how bad it really was.

As it turns out, “Charley” is willing to go to any lengths to help women kill their babies – even promoting illegal abortion drugs.

“It’s supposed to be the ChatGPT of abortion,” Parker said in a video for Live Action.

“On it, you can find the closest abortion facility to you as well as how to commit the crime of obtaining illegal abortion pills.”

She continued “It also tells children – minors – how to get a judicial bypass so their parents don’t know about the abortion that they’re trying to get.”

Marketing abortion to minor children

Planned Parenthood knows exactly what they are doing.

They understand young children love new technology – and many are fascinated with the AI world.

By using AI technology for evil, now young girls who may have kept their baby will end up choosing abortion – because “Charley” tells them how to do it.

Planned Parenthood knows their days are numbered, and the only way they will survive is if the next generation grows up thinking abortion is a “reproductive right” that is “guaranteed” to all.

Violating Pro-Life laws

“Charley” doesn’t care what Pro-Life states have to say about abortion, and is more than happy to help girls and women skirt around the legal system.

The chatbot asks for the location of each user, and then tells them how to obtain abortion pills, even if it’s illegal in their state.

Parker was furious and said it is an “irresponsible and dangerous thing to tell women that you supposedly care so much about.”

But that’s just it – Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women – they never did.

All they care about is expanding their services and helping as many women as possible kill their own babies.

Planned Parenthood has proven yet again that they will stoop to any level to carry out their anti-life agenda.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers need to sound the alarm on what is happening before it’s too late.

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