Planned Parenthood is using technology to target young girls and parents are outraged

Planned Parenthood is gunning for young girls.

But now, they’ve found a new way to operate in the dark – and it’s horrifying.

And parents were outraged once they learned how Planned Parenthood utilized an unprecedented abuse of technology to target their teenage daughters.

Exploiting pregnant teens

Planned Parenthood knows in order to survive – they need clients.

And after using up and destroying the bodies and souls of their current group of vulnerable women . . . 

. . . Planned Parenthood is on the hunt for the next batch.

Even more horrifying, they’ve admitted their next target is teenage girls.

But Planned Parenthood knows in order to get to teens – they have to silence their parents.

Many pro-abortion facilities have already trained teens how to sneak around to talk to abortion providers . . . 

. . . without their parents ever knowing.

And now – some Planned Parenthoods are utilizing technology to carry out the next level of their plan.

Doctorless abortions  

Planned Parenthood knows in order to execute their pro-abortion agenda – they need to remove as many “barriers” as possible.

While “doctors” used to oversee abortions – one local Planned Parenthood is determined to remove doctors from the picture – making the process even more unstable. 


And dangerous! 

An Illinois Planned Parenthood was busted after releasing a new app allowing pregnant girls to simply fill out a questionnaire and then put in an Illinois address to get abortion drugs mailed to them.

Any Illinois address will do – whether a home or hotel.

With a click of a button, pregnant girls can get abortion pills mailed to them, without even meeting a doctor.

But Chief Medical Officer for Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood of the St. Lousi Region, Dr. Colleen McNicholas, thinks the app is a wonderful thing.

Praising the app, McNicholas said, “This is just for us the next step in reducing barriers for folks who don’t want to make it all the way to a health center or who need the privacy of being able to do it from their home,” Chicago Sun-Times reported. 

Vulnerable young girls are fooled

Besides the obvious moral atrocity of killing an unborn baby – there are physical complications many women experience after popping abortion drugs.

The abortion industry lies to women telling them abortion drugs are “harmless” . . . 

. . . hoping the vulnerable girls will never find the horror stories of abortions gone wrong.

And now, vulnerable young girls are in more danger, as a doctor won’t even oversee their abortion.

But Planned Parenthood knows they must operate in secret and prey on scared pregnant teens in order to keep the lights on.

And unless every Planned Parenthood is forced to shut their doors for good – the targeting of young teen girls will continue. 

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