Planned Parenthood locked arms with sexual predators in solidarity to ram through the unthinkable

It’s a sad day in America when sexual predators and Planned Parenthood are both rejoicing over the same outcome.

But a new constitutional amendment passed allowing minors to abort their babies without parental consent . . .

. . . and now Planned Parenthood and sexual predators are beaming with pride.

Sexual predators rejoice they can harm more teens

Sexual predators and human traffickers exploit vulnerable women for personal gain, and it’s downright horrifying.

If a girl should become pregnant, oftentimes sexual predators scheme up ways on how to kill her baby, even driving across state lines to pro-abortion states to get the job done.

But now in Ohio, because 56 percent of voters decided to pass Issue 1, which would enshrine abortion into Ohio’s constitution, sexual predators are rejoicing at the new abortion destination.

Issue 1 amends Ohio’s constitution to allow abortion without parental consent, meaning a trafficked girl could be forced by her perpetrator to kill her baby without ever needing the approval of her parent.

Sexual predators love using abortion to “cover up” the exploitation of their victims, and Ohio voters helped them seal the deal.

The devil is in the details

The abortion lobby lied to women scaring them into believing that if they didn’t vote yes on Issue 1 their “reproductive freedom” would be gone forever.
Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

In reading the language of Issue 1, it’s crystal clear the vague language gives full cover to sexual predators and abortionists while endangering the lives of women.

One of the scariest provisions is allowing teens to abort their babies without parental consent.

A Pro-Life ad tried to warn voters what would happen if Issue 1 passed.

The narrator of the ad said “This is a true story. A 10-year-old Ohio girl, raped, pregnant, driven away for an abortion.”

“A cruel tragedy. But if Issue 1 passes, it could have been her rapist behind the wheel, not her mother,” the ad warned.

“Issue 1 erases important parental notification laws, a sexual abuser can drive your daughter to an abortion, and you’d be left in the dark,” the ad continues.

“Vote no on 1. Protect our daughters, not predators. Vote no on Issue 1,” the ad concludes.

But sadly, Ohioans voted yes, and Issue 1 passed.

Planned Parenthood celebrates their murderous victory

Planned Parenthood and other abortion giants were thrilled to learn more unborn babies would be slaughtered.

They know more abortions means more blood money in their coffers from vulnerable young pregnant women.

Lauren Blauvelt, Co-Chair of the Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights and Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio boasted about the abortion win and said “Today, Ohioans made it clear, abortion is a winning issue, and together we can do anything.”

But the ramifications from this deadly constitutional amendment will cause harm to women and endanger women everywhere.

Sexual predators and Planned Parenthood may rejoice at their latest win, but meanwhile Pro-Lifers continue to mourn at the devastating blow to life.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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