Planned Parenthood now joining the grooming craze by offering gift cards to girls as young as 13 for doing one thing

Fibonacci Blue, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

It doesn’t surprise most people to know Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of the effort to destroy our children.

They want to get to them young so they can turn them into abortion warriors in the future.

And now Planned Parenthood has joined the grooming craze by offering gift cards to girls as young as 13 for doing one thing.

Parents across Minnesota are furious at Planned Parenthood’s latest scheme to indoctrinate underage children.

Sex Ed Summer Camp

Planned Parenthood is now offering incentives to Minnesota teens to join its “sex ed summer camp.” 

The abortion mill juggernaut is offering gift cards ranging from $100 to $150 to some teens as young as 13 upon completion of the summer sex camps.

The push by Planned Parenthood has outraged parents across the Gopher State. 

Recently Fox & Friends interviewed one such parent, Karin, a home educator and Minnesota mom of six about the issue.

She said she has three main concerns about Planned Parenthood’s gift card for sex camp scheme.

Her concerns are the predatory behaviors of these camps, “grooming” children to become sexually active at a young age, and explicit materials being taught at the camp.

“I care passionately about the wellbeing of all children and the generation my kids are growing up alongside,” Karin said. “I think most parents and most families would firmly agree that we don’t want people sexualizing our children and that’s exactly what this camp will do.”

A completely new and twisted kind of “S’more”

Planned Parenthood North Central States, the host of the three-week S’MORE (science-based, medically accurate, open-minded, responsible [sex] education) camp, says the program comes at no cost to participants and is open to young teens between the ages of 13 to 15 who have completed the eighth grade but have not yet started high school.

This is not your mother’s S’more – this is a twisted, disgusting version that is based solely on the desire by the radical Left to sexualize young people.

And the fact they are targeting girls at such a young age makes it more disgusting.

To qualify for the gift cards participants must commit to participate in the full length of the program.

“Campers attend a half-day camp to learn sex ed in a brave, creative, and collaborative environment, and take on a weeklong responsibility to share information with their community,” the Planned Parenthood camp site reads.

No such thing as a free lunch

While Fox News’ Pete Hegseth reported that one camp in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area was canceled due to low enrollment, the camp is going on in other locations. 

And a recent tweet from Planned Parenthood Minnesota Advocates promoting the sex camp says lunch is provided to participants for free and those who complete the program receive a $150 gift card.

Of course the indoctrination of the underage girls into the world of sexual deviancy is a steep price to pay for a “free lunch.”

And Karin told Fox News she believes it is “critical” for parents to be aware of the material caught in the camp, including what she considers “explicit instruction” on how to perform oral, anal, and vaginal sex.

“I think they’re just trying to get at kids any way they can, and it’s actually extremely disturbing. They’re incentivizing this with money. I think it’s a very fine line between giving a teen financial incentive to talk about sexual activity and role-play, things regarding it versus crossing the line to actually physically performing that activity and getting paid for doing it.”

“I think this really feeds into conditioning kids for sex trafficking,” she warned.

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