Planned Parenthood partners with LGBT activists to provide the unthinkable

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Planned Parenthood has formed an unholy alliance with LGBT activists, and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

In addition to pushing abortions onto minor children, Planned Parenthood has another dirty trick up their sleeve.

And once you hear what Planned Parenthood and LGBT activists are up to now, you’re bound to be outraged.

Exploiting “gender confused” kids for a profit.

Planned Parenthood has proven they are more than willing to help any person get an abortion.

Whether it’s a grown woman, a minor teen, or even a biological female who “identifies as a man”, Planned Parenthood doesn’t care – as long as unborn babies are slayed.

And now, they are even willing to help gender-confused kids make irreversible life-altering changes to their bodies.

Instead of focusing on leading “transgender” adults astray – Planned Parenthood revealed their sickening plan to target minor children.

And it’s absolutely horrifying.

Puberty blockers for kids 

The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood affiliate claims to serve patients 16 and older for hormone replacement therapy, but now states they are working on expanding their services to serve younger patients in the future.

Other abortion providers boast about the “transgender” services they currently offer kids, as if helping children destroy their bodies is something honorable to be proud of.

An abortion provider in Washington State marketed they commit abortions up to 26 weeks but also offer “transgender hormone services” and will refer clients for “Gender Reassignment, Breast, and Cosmetic Surgeries,” and conduct “Postsurgical Follow Up: Genital Reassignment, Breast, and Cosmetic Surgeries,” reported Live Action

Another pro-abortion organization, Trust Women Foundation has abortion facilities in Kansas and Oklahoma.

And while states like Oklahoma are becoming more Pro-Life, abortion providers still want to make money, so they are shifting gears to focus on transgender services claiming “Trust Women’s OKC clinic is dedicated to expanding access to gender affirming health care to our community.”

Planned Parenthood is an enemy to life at every level

Not only is Planned Parenthood willing to help vulnerable women (and kids) kill their own babies . . . 

. . . but now they are even willing to partner with LGBT activists to help women and men of all ages permanently destroy their bodies.

The abortion lobby hates life at all ages – and they will do anything to make a quick buck.

As the LGBT agenda continues to be pushed from radical Leftist politicians like President Biden and all his followers, abortion providers like Planned Parenthood will continue to feel empowered to do whatever they want, without fear of repercussion.

Hopefully, as more Pro-Life states continue to keep the pressure on, abortion giants like Planned Parenthood will give up and close their doors for good. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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