Planned Parenthood trafficked young girls across state lines but they never expected this legal ruling

Planned Parenthood thinks they are above the law.

But they have finally been put in their place.

And while Planned Parenthood thought they could continue to traffic young girls across state lines, they never expected this legal ruling.

Leave our girls alone

Planned Parenthood is gunning for America’s young girls.

In their minds, they own the bodies of every female . . .

. . . and they continue to spread lies that women can’t survive without them.

And while grown women are getting wise to Planned Parenthood’s dirty tricks – young girls are still susceptible.

In Pro-Life states, Planned Parenthood knows their hands are tied.

But instead of accepting defeat, they are determined to keep the blood money flowing.

And without shame, brutal Planned Parenthood employees have resorted to trafficking young pregnant girls across state lines to kill their babies.

Even more horrifying – they do it behind the backs of the parents or legal guardians.

But all of that is about to change thanks to the legal smackdown they just received.

Caught red-handed

After the investigative group Project Veritas secretly filmed their interaction with Planned Parenthood staffers inquiring about an underage abortion – Planned Parenthood was busted.

The video went viral, and there’s nothing the abortion lobby could do to stop it.

But they tried.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood determined to punish their dirty deeds.

Planned Parenthood thought they could easily dismiss the case and get it thrown out – so they were stunned when the judge issued a different ruling.

After the judge allowed the case to proceed – Planned Parenthood knew they were in hot water – and that their reign of terror was coming to an end – at least in Missouri.

Planned Parenthood’s days are numbered 

Thrilled with the ruling, Bailey remarked, “The Court has cleared the way for my lawsuit against Planned Parenthood to move forward. Planned Parenthood has a long history of blatantly violating state law at the expense of both women and children. I will not sit idly by while bad actors traffic minors out of state to obtain abortions without parental consent.”


This is what true conservative leadership looks like.

Instead of turning a blind eye or insisting it’s a “woman’s right” to kill – Bailey is fighting back.

Any Planned Parenthood employee who kills an unborn baby from a pregnant minor should be put in jail.

Especially without parental consent!

The Left is obsessed with thinking somehow, they “own” America’s girls.

But in Missouri – Bailey is letting them know the devious acts of Planned Parenthood are over. 

“This is the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood in the State of Missouri,” Bailey continued.

And let it be so.

America’s girls deserve better.

Pregnant teens need the support of their families to help them through their pregnancy.

The last thing they need is a money-hungry abortionist convincing them to kill their own baby.

Planned Parenthood may have had some previous legal victories – but the tide is turning – and life is winning. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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