Planned Parenthood tried to hide the fact they nearly killed another woman and the reason why will leave you furious

Photo by Enrique Guzmán Egas from Unsplash

Planned Parenthood brutally slaughters unborn babies and injures women in the process.

But they hope no one will ever know.

And in their latest botched abortion, they tried to hide the fact that they nearly killed another woman.

An abortion gone wrong

At a North Carolina Planned Parenthood facility – an abortion gone wrong caused a young woman to experience anaphylactic shock.

Her allergic reaction was so severe – Planned Parenthood knew if they didn’t call 911 the woman would die.

During the 911 call – Planned Parenthood was forced to describe the dire medical condition of the young 25-year-old woman who was in urgent need of swift medical assistance.

The Planned Parenthood employee called 911 and said “We have a patient we were getting ready to discharge and she developed, um, some hives. So we treated her for an allergic reaction, but she continues to have really low blood pressure and continues to have hives,” Live Action reported.

Apparently, the hives were all over the woman’s body – from her arms to her legs – and face. 

Her pulse was 144 and her blood pressure was 85/87.

Requesting a “silent” ambulance 

The Planned Parenthood employee then proceeded to tell the dispatcher to dispatch the ambulance without the sirens on.

Shocked, the dispatcher simply said she’d alert the EMS team – but ultimately it was their decision.

Of course – the only reason Planned Parenthood requested the silent alarm is because they didn’t want to draw attention to the fact this was their FOURTH botched abortion this year alone!

They were more concerned about saving face than ensuring an ambulance could use their sirens to arrive quickly and save the young girl.

When EMS got the call – they refused to adhere to the “silent siren” request from Planned Parenthood – and stated they would go ahead and “respond emergent”.

That was exactly the right call.

As Operation Rescue stated so well “Unlike the staff of Planned Parenthood, EMS cared enough about the woman to utilize emergency transport methods that would strengthen the possibility of saving a patient in a life-threatening situation.”

Planned Parenthood can’t hide anymore

Planned Parenthood still thinks they can hide the truth behind their shady abortion practices – but those days are over.

Groups like Operation Rescue continue to sound the alarm and release 911 calls from abortions gone wrong.

If more women knew the truth – that abortion is NOT a safe and “quick” process – they’d be more hesitant to ever step foot inside slaughterhouses like Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is more concerned about their bottom line and keeping abortions flowing – not about protecting women.

And it’s about time that truth is shouted from the rooftops for all to see. 

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