Planned Parenthood was forced to call 911 for a reason that will make your head explode

Planned Parenthood found themselves in hot water yet again.

But this time they couldn’t hide their dirty deed. 

And Planned Parenthood was forced to call 911 for a reason that will make your head explode. 

Another bloody and botched abortion

Many women enter through the doors of Planned Parenthood thinking their employees will “help them.”

Yet time and time again, women leave Planned Parenthood emotionally scarred and physically brutalized.

And this time was no different.

In Illinois, an abortion gone wrong left Planned Parenthood no other choice but to call 911.

While Planned Parenthood usually likes to hide their botched abortions . . . 

. . . the “heavy bleeding” from one patient forced them to call 911 to transport her to a hospital.

The 911 call revealed the horrifying details

The Illinois-based Pro-Life Action League obtained the actual 911 call which revealed what was happening behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood.

Though much of the call was redacted, the Planned Parenthood employee was requesting an ambulance because the woman was experiencing “heavy bleeding.”

Planned Parenthood also wanted to avoid drawing attention to the ambulance and instructed them to enter through the “south entrance.”

Even more infuriating, this isn’t the first time this Illinois Planned Parenthood was forced to call 911.

Back in 2019, Operation Rescue reported a botched abortion at the same Illinois Planned Parenthood, which left a woman unconscious.

The Planned Parenthood employee who called 911 didn’t even know if the woman was breathing.

Yet again in 2020, Operation Rescue reported on a Planned Parenthood employee who called 911 and fumbled through the call before finally admitting the woman was “non-responsive” after an abortion.

And there are countless other stories from this same Planned Parenthood.

Women are in danger

With so many botched abortions, this Planned Parenthood should be forced to close their doors.

But with a pro-abortion Governor like Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker – abortions will only continue to rise.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman is well aware of the botched abortions taking place at this Illinois Planned Parenthood.

“It is heartbreaking that women and girls, deceived by the lies of the abortion cartel and the media, travel from neighboring states to Illinois abortion facilities,” Newman said.

He continued, “They obviously believe Planned Parenthood is an actual healthcare facility where they will receive legitimate care. Instead, they leave these centers as grieving post-abortion mothers with a lifetime of emotional wounds. And, far too often, these women leave lying on a gurney with life-threatening internal injuries,” Operation Rescue reported.

If it wasn’t for solid Pro-Life groups like Operation Rescue reporting on what is happening at abortion centers – Planned Parenthood would get away with their wicked deeds.

But as the light continues to expose the dangers of what happens at abortion giants like Planned Parenthood, perhaps women will finally learn Planned Parenthood isn’t the “safe” place they think it is.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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